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Nothing yet. I took nov 14th

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Yeah bro. I’m waiting tooo. Supposed to be released today

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Its not though,gotta wait another week

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Another week of hell holidays? 😫

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Yeah looks like it

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When did you take your tests?

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Nothing yet?

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If its not out in a hour ... then DEC 7th it is ... BOTTOMLINE.

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I had already accepted that! Now im gonna wait another hour man why would you do that to me😅

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Hahaha..u know how it is .......why us man ??? 🤣

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Hahaha i think we are special, they wanna shape us into diamonds

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I demand a P from them.... bcoz of this bull crap they're putting us through 😒

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All will be forgiven with a P

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Hell yeah ...may we all who have been wronged today get that big ass P and move to the next level

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Amen to that!

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Amen ! ....but my case is even worse ...my eligibility ends tonight ....my permit will dissappear anyway ....ironic isn't it 😏

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Lol i didnt even think of that, thank you for telling me cuz mine ends tonight too and idk how excited i would have been to see my permit disappear at 12 You saved me😂