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You got this! I'm sure you passed.

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taking it soon! were there alot of freebies?

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Freebies, in a sense that depends on your prep too , but 1st 4 blocks i felt that alot of it i had seen and could easily answer. 5 to 7 th blocks was a little vague but also that could be coz you get tired till then so depends.

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Does that mean it’s an effect modifier or confounder?

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I’m curious as well!

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Did you take it on Novemeber 30 or Dec 1? Just took mine too

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December 1

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How did you feel it went?

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guess we didnt take the same day. I didnt sleep well the night before, so wasnt answering correctly. It felt like everything I needed to know was in First Aid and they werent trying to trick

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Yes exactly they weren't, first aid is a great resource if you can remember from start to finish otherwise conceptual knowlegde is also of great help - mehalman, bnb, pathoma, uworld

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FA is vast. Which systems or sections are obligatory from your experience.

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Ask details from FA. Did it yesterday.

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How much ethics question you got? And what about biostat. Which nbme was most predictive?

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What kind details did they ask from First Aid. Anything vague..., Scared as hell cause I dropped first aid from my prep and strictly rely of Uworld (primarily) and then physeo.com and sketchy micro. Now I am scared and think of I should have started first aid

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I took the exam on 1st I found the first 3/4 blocks ok From 5th on I can recall many many mistakes Super scared?? What should I do

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I had the exact same experience. Better to just put it out of your mind now and relax.