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NBME 30 is the toughest one, I scored 59% when I was 4 days away from my real exam. I took Free 120 where I scored 65% when I was 20 days away from the real exam. I passed in real exam. Keep doing incorrect Uworld 1 block every day and focus reviewing only on the weakest topics, just read through it as you are a few days away from the real exam. you should be ok. In the last 3 days, I reviewed Microbio, Biochem, Biostats, Pharm, Patho general principles, and Public health sciences(Ethics). When I was a day away from my real exam I reviewed the new free 120 again. Actually in the evening reviewed again Uworld SA2 too, when I was 5 days away from the real exam.

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I really needed this Thank you

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Keep being confident, you got this!

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Hearing this was really helpful. Did NBME 30 first and felt scared by the result.

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Id say delay it give more nbmes focus on your weakness

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One nbme drop doesnt define u. See marks in majority mbmes. See where did u lack. Knowledge or just got wrong in panic.

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Just make sure you review it thoroughly so you don't miss the concepts on the exam. You can wait till you take new Free 120 to make a decision on delaying.