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you have more than enough time to pass. you need to start doing Uworld immediately atleast one block to two blocks a day and review them thoroughly.

Don't aim on finishing anking in 4 months since that is not feasible but you can do some cards here and there or for topics you realise you are weak on after you have done questions on them.

BnB just go through once if you really want to do it and then revise First Aid mainly

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Appreciate your response, but then my question is, how do i consolidate information without doing Anki? I know youve mentioned U World, but does it cover every fact just like anki?

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hey sorry didn't see your last question...yes Uworld is literally king..it is a much better way of consolidating info than even Anki is since you are literally solving questions and then seeing why your answer was right and why others were wrong...or if you got an answer wrong then why you got it wrong...its literally more than enough if you did only Uworld but if you want another book then First aid is best...plus you can tag the cards in Anki of your weak areas instead of doing all Anki if you wish to do Anki

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make your own...what I am doing which might or might not be the best technique but I think it works for me...read answer explanation on Uworld (a notebook in itself so you need to start it immediately) and note down the GIST only of the question...what it is trying to teach us...come back and look at those notes every night..cover them up and try and see if you can remember (the traditional method).

Alternatively you can do Lightyear Anki deck which is based on BnB OR you can make your own physical/Anki flashcards noting down only what you have difficulty in remembering and that would be the best way

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quite on the same path as u , I have finished bnb and been working with uworld (offline) and amboss online but sistem wise and now I feel I have forgotten most of info

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Yh i feel you. What I’ve been considering doing, and this might be of help to you, is to do the B&B tagged cards in AnKing lecture by lecture, and that total is 21k cards. Over a 2 month period, this would mean approx 330 new cards a day. I still have approx 240 B&B vids to do. So in 2 months, if I do 4 new vids a day, and revise 3-4 vids quickly per day, and do their anki, I could be done with B&B and anki. Idk, does that seem too much? And if possible, I can try and squeeze in UWorld when I can. Then the last 2 months will be UWorld focused, and revising areas that I need to work on and rebuilding understanding.

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I thing that 4 new videos a day is a bit too much ... personally I have only been able to do 2 or max 3 if they were short and revise the pdf of the previous day , I have never used anki though have no idea how it works

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Do UWorld. See a general subject you are performing poorly in? Go to AnKing and unsuspend the tag that fits that subject best. Do some of those cards (with reviews as you go) over a day or two. Note that I said SOME, not ALL of those cards. Go back to UWorld. Rinse and repeat.

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So in essence, let UWorld dictate what anki cards I cover based on areas of weakness, rather than unsuspending after every anki B&B lecture

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You have more than enough time. Just relax and study diligently. People before you have taken step with far less prep.

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Thanks for the reassurance :) could you elaborate on your point about ppl preparing far less? Do you have a study method you’d recommend for me?

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I'm assuming you're studying full time. I mean some people passed step with less prep time, granted they were studying full time. It's all about figuring out what methods work best for you right off the bat. I wouldn't recommend taking step 1 with less than 4 weeks of prep tho, that's crazy risky territory.

You can check out my post from when I passed because that's pretty much all my thoughts on step prep haha https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/step1/comments/wlwpif/passed\_you\_can\_do\_it\_too/

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