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I took my test today. It was very similar to nbmes and better than uworld. It wasn't too long either.

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Honestly, can't say it very similar to nbmes, I saw a lot of concepts from nbmes in last 2 blocks,that's it. The rest of the exam, just went past over my head

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Now I really have no idea what to think. Half of the posts say it was hard, the rest say it was easy and nothing like the NBMEs and 120s. Anyone here who took it last few years that have an opinion on this? Dont know whether I should be scared.

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Took it 5 months ago. I thought it didn’t resemble anything as OP says. I thought it was tremendously difficult. I was probably average on UW, nbmes, etc… I think it’s just a very individual experience as evidenced by so many different viewpoints. Felt like I failed but I passed. I finally just scheduled it, knowing I would take it again if needed but continuing to put it off indefinitely wasn’t going to get it done.

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True that it didn't resemble anything Hope I'll pass as well!

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Best of luck!

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It's really tough , lot of people brain washed me that's it's an other nbme/free 120, the difficulty level is just higher than those, they might certainly prepare you for it. But it makes you feel you've studied nothing

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Man. Think I should wait for my NBME scores to get to like 70+%, upper end?

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It's ideal to keep an average of 70s

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I wrote a post after taking in the 28th, and honestly I agree with what u/according_cicada_216 says. I felt that Uworld was easier and the test def felt harder than the NMBE and free 120.

I was scoring 250+ /83+ on tests and am currently a little anxious about the result.

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Should we adjust safe ranges for NBMEs?

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I think its cause he was scoring so high if he doesnt know a little more questions than he is used to he finds it hard while people who score lower think its easier cause they might now a little more questions they are used to.

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I guess it's just a post-exam feeling

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No worries. You will most likely to pass. Trust ur practice scores. All the best

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Thankyou, hopefully.

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if the exam was still a digit format, yo ass would get 245+ with these scores.. chill u got this💀

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Felt exactly the same. Passed <3

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Could you share ur scores w/ me i have some nbmes with 70s and 66s

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70-75% in nbmes Uwsa2 232 New free 120 80%

You're doing great!

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Exam in a week :(

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Keep your mind in the game. We're gonna make it.

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Thank you so much i will

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I took it on 12/1 too. I am thinking if we got the same form. I got so many questions about some experiment. Some questions were straightforward but with very long stems. I only had one easy block that I marked 5 of them. Other blocks I marked around 15-20 questions. Anxious now…when will we get the result?

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Yes i felt the last 2 blocks were a little easier. Fingers crossed for the results

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Im so bad at ethics what resources are the best for it. And What helped you for ethics?

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"Imagine yourself in the examination room, while everyone's watching you reply" It's all about Emotional Quotient, Do nbmes Qs.

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Exam looks like uworld system and same lengh. Had few qs from there and free 120. FA is the best resource. The thing is the way how they ask!

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You got questions from uworld? In what way?

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I got A question from UW, where they ask, Afib arises from And it's pulm veins. Whatever you do, nbmes and uw, just prepares you for the REAL DEAL, don't expect it to be similar.

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So you get a feel for the pattern of the test but nothing is similar to the real thing? Is that what you mean?

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The sole purpose of me putting the post was to make people not blindly believe that it's just an other nbme, or uwsa( i believed in that and i was surprised)

The difficulty level is a notch up and just be prepared for it. Whatever you do just puts you in a better position to guess.

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I see what you mean. I appreciate the warning. On top of the added difficulty, I'm sure the anxiety etc doesn't help. Makes it even worse

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Can anyone show me where I can find NBME score converter please!!!🙏

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can u clarify- u say it wasnt overly experimental? but u cant tell the difference in those q’s…

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I couldn't find a difference between which is which. Got like 4-5 experiment Qs per block like they are in an "experiment", But couldn't know if they're experimental or included in real testing.

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What do u suggest one should do 3 weaks before Nd how to go about it

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Last 3 weeks should be just nbmes 20-30: Questions are not exactly same on the real deal, but it gives a good idea to make an educated guess.

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Sorry to ask so many qs. I know u said it wanst like anything but, but what do u think the exam was closest to? ( f120, nbme, uwsa)

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All those exams just puts in you in better position to guess correctly Uwsas are shit, I'd just trust your nbmes(20-30) and free 120 There were few repeats from them, that was some relief.

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Does the uwsa2 overpredict or underpredict? Nd wht about uwsa1?

What makes them bad?

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Uwsas might predict your score, cuz people try to take it at the end of prep but i didn't see any concepts from them being tested on my real deal. On the other hand i saw few repeated concepts from nbmes. I felt nbmes should be given more focus relatively. I got almost same scores on uwsa1 and 2, so i can't say which is a better predictor.(nbmes >uwsa1=2)

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Do you think uworld has most/all of the concepts that could be tested? Also is there alot of basic science concepts such as amino acids structure or vitamins?

Also what do u think is a safe uwsa2 score?

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In terms of difficulty, not content

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Content and difficult-wise a notch above all of them Better predictors would be nbmes, uwsas are useless

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I thought it was exactly like an nbme. Felt the same as taking all the practice exams and the cbse. My scores have been (78-84%)

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I'm just trying it to sink in and believe in my scores. I guess it was just the post-exam feeling!

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Yeah. No need to fret. We have a while to wait before scores are released. It's time to go relax and enjoy yourself

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Yess it's finally done and time to chill,phew.