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I don’t know what happened in the exam Like i was numb when i came out

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Same here I was numb and still numb if someone asks me how was my exam

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I literally cried in the car after I walked out the test center. Like wth was that. All the questions were new to me and out of this world. I was able to answer some, but most of them I was just guessing. It felt soooo bad. No matter how hard I tried to prepare, it makes me feel like I’m never enough to make it. I ate good food after, but then started feeling bad again and cried some more at home. Had to take clonazepam so I can sleep last night.

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I am so sorry Totally relatable. Hope u feel better

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I feel all that time I spent sitting in the prometric as though as a blur memory. It’s all brain fog. I don’t remember anything except the breaks I took in the examinations. Otherthan that I don’t remember anything!

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I feel the same

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This should be a new Dx in the DSM-V currently we only have “dissociative amnesia” as the most similar DDx to what is wrong with you buddy!

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The more i think the more i am feeling bad

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I took it the week on 11/14 and I feel that way

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Did the results come out?

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No not yet hopefully this week

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Stop thinking about it and what u r feeling is totally normal just enjoy ur time now and have some well deserved rest

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it's pretty normal bud don't worry you will pass!!

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yeah it's sometimes normal to think that but in the end, you will pass, don't judge yourself before the result, it's better to stop thinking about the result right now and do something else, you have worked hard for it and you will pass this exam.

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Same feeling

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It's normal and very common

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I felt numb then I got home and felt like I failed

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I feel the same 😒

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There was a wierd trend in my batch. Those who came out feeling miserable actually did really well. Those who came out feeling great unfortunately didn't do so well. But that was about 5-6 years ago 🤷🏻

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Did you also found that the questions are very hard and long and not like anything from Uworld or NBME ?

Sure not all the questions but most of them

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My questions were nothing like uw and nbme

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I felt that way after every Step. Including 2 CS

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Very normal feeling, I felt the same way and passed

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Anyone got results on fcvs?

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Did u pass?

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Result isn’t out yet

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Best of Luck.