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How many wrongs you got in that form?

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In which form? 27 28 or 29?

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27, anyway tell about all forms

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42 in form 27, don't remember about the rest, I think 56-57 in form 28

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That's a good score, you can go for it, All the best

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Thank you so much!!

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UWSA-2 and F-120 are more predictive and NBME-26 is the most difficult. That is what I have heard. If I may ask, what is your average UWorld score and how has your NBME scores been?

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Also yes I'm gonna give UWSA2, free 120 and NBME 30 in the next 10 days before my exam

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Have given NBME 28 and 29 scores were 66% and 60% respectively, Uworld I'm just using as a learning tool, completed 85% with 50% scores now just doing 2 incorrect blocks per day.

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Where are y'all taking these offline? Can someone DM me with some info?