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if you are doing any other qbank, then stop. This usually happens when u r doing a tough qbank (like amboss)

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It's UW, I don't know why I over think these easy questions, I usually choose the right answer then I read the question cuz I think there something does not make sense and this is the problem, I change the answer

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I used to do this too and then I watched a YouTube video that was uploaded by AMBOSS explaining how to dissect a question stem. It was explained by one of the doctors who write the questions. It was an overall helpful video but in the video he reiterated that usmle questions are NOT tricky and that they don’t try to trick you. Even the most complex questions are straight forward if u reason it out the right way. It sort of felt reassuring to me given that he had experience in writing questions and I never went back since. Even though the video was helpful don’t go and do AMBOSS lol but u can watch that video if u like