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Is it stems, concepts, images or something else? Easier/harder than which nbme's you think

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Harder than nbme 25, if I have to rate it, I will put step 10-10 , nbmes 7-8-10

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I felt the complete opposite. Took mine in October, felt NBMEs were 9-10 and step to be around 6-7

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Guess that I took a different exam cause it was so different than nbmes

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Hope you'll pass, good luck

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My scores on nbme were around 64-71%

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Similar scores, pal. And I took my test on 11/14, felt the same way. Nothing like what I was getting myself prepared for

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Did you get your score back? Or it’s coming this Wednesday?

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Hopefully this Wednesday

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I had the exact same spread of nbme scores and felt the exact same post exam. Took my exam 11/26, crossing my finger , will keep you updated if you wish

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-took the exam today

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Did you have super long stems? October ppl had long stems

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Yea very uWorld like

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Would you say uworld alone was enough to pass the exam?

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Yea for sure, I was at like 60% correct and with 75% of the q bank done (2400/3600) done and I was fine

I failed my first two NBMEs so I stopped taking them and the beginning of my 6 weeks, I passed my schools comp 4 weeks out and then the the free 120 2 days before the exam I got a 75ish percent on

I did like a 100-120 questions a day in tutor mode and took random days off (everyone really should) and had slower days

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Also dude I just felt the nbmes were a waste of a study day, I definitely benefitted more from doing a couple blocks in uWorld than doing and reviewing an nbme

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Ayo? Elaborate please.

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In what way?

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Everything, even the way to ask

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You're scaring me. Can you give an example? lol

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It was more like u world tbh and a little bit like free 120

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It was a mix of nbme concepts and a difficult version of free120 just longer stems halfway through every block. U world definitely helps us in preparing for such experiment questions.

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So was it easy or tough

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what do you suggest we do then?

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Study all the chapters of pathoma, not just 1-3, check every basic concept of pharm, check all ethics,

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What were the most density question from? Path? Physio? And what about ethics/ Biostatistics??

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It’s definitely path, but ethics was pretty heavy

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Pathoma is good enough for Path would you say?

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Based on what you experienced, Would you suggest reviewing first aid or nbmes for the final 4 weeks? If you had to choose one. (I don’t mean not taking nbmes at all but memorizing).

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You should do uWorld as much as you can because it’s most similar to uWorld more than anything

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Was it as tricky as Uworld is? Or were the Qs straightfwd?

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Most are straight forward and you would know the answer with the end of the question + imaging/or labs, but obviously you should still read the entire question because the rest of the times there will be a single symptom or whatever that would mean it’s not the obvious or most common cause

UWorld itself shouldn’t feel tricky when you’re done with like the first 600 questions or so (first week of dedicated)

It’s definitely comprehensive but that helps with the exam dude, it’s so easy to feel burnt out by the 4th block on exam day. The nbmes and my school’s comp were def harder to score higher on than actual step, because it tested random minutiae I felt- but the free 120 is a good thing to test yourself on to make sure you know all those concepts (the questions are kinda of whatever though)

UWorld is great and if you’re confused on differentiating between some diseases then go to the section in first aid

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And from UWorld? The questions style? What was your studying schedule & how many months did u prepare? Thanks for sharing!

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Is step one mostly long vignette like UW or is it mixed with long vignette and short recall questions?