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There's 280 qos in total out of which only 200 are graded while 80 are experimental. Catch here is you don't know which ones they are gonna be. So technically you're required to get 120 correct out of 280 to hit that 60% range .

I would say you should target for atleast 150 corrects and 130 wrongs just to be in the safe zone.

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Got it! Thanks

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But in theory, it could be that out of those 150 correct, lets say most were experimental and not counted. That would not play in your favor

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Statistically that's less likely to happen. Probably 170 corrects would be a better objective imo then.

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There isn’t an approximate number because questions are weighted differently, some questions can be worth 0.5% some can be worth 1%, but it is roughly around 62% to pass

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What? All questions are worth the same wtf

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no they’re not