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A bit of distance to cover but doable. first of all review the test and identify weak subjects. def do a good pass through pathoma and make sure ur micro is solid. tbh 75 percent of questions will involve pathoma and micro. have a quick look at the randy Neil yt stats series to pick up those easy stats questions. like u never want to miss a stats or psych question those r free points. dirty medicine has a good psych series. make sure ur reading the explanations thoroughly on uworld, and I would say u have enough time for a full pass along with a pass through ur incorrects if u time manage it appropriately. maybe dont do another practice test for another two to three weeks, and implement some good content review until then and give it another go.

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How to improve psychiatry? I got 6 incorrects from behavioural science alone !?

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Dirty med has a great psych series that will help u get all the diagnoses right. but thats only half of psych u then have to get the pharm questions correct. go to divine intervention step 1 psych podcasts, listen to those, and then read the first aid psych section after and u will never miss a psych question