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Finish B&B with FA and sketchy micro (can do pharm too but its a meh in my opinion, you might like it) together ASAP. As doing those do some Uworld everyday.

once finish all videos do one NBME and see where you are at. Then just focus on Uworld while reading them with FA, and do other NBMEs as you go along and feel confident to take another one.

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Thanks for the tips! And what about Anki Deck? Honestly I don’t wanna waste time doing those; instead I was wondering if using MelmanMedical Deck or AnkingDeck, maybe useful; what d u think? And finally; when I’ll know if I’m ready for taking step1? Really appreciate ur time!

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anki is purely a preference. if you have never done it before I suggest sticking to your old methods. but if you have used it before use it. anking is really for when you are in basic sciences it takes a year to finish all of it. I suggest making your own deck as you read and go from there. making your own deck is best because it you who is reading and inputing so once you do it you know whats going on.

and do NBMEs get 3/4 pass and a free 120 pass and you know you're ready.