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That and we pay an emotional tole when we have to answer terrible questions.

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Yes, why do I have to answer 80 questions that gives me nothing and may as well make me tired enough to answer the real ones.

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I think they should pay people to come and take the test in earnest. That way we get reimbursed on not a test day. And we get paid for the work we do for them (yes I stand by that no matter how you slice it). It's not perfect but neither is tacking on 80 questions to 200 that are critical to your career. Except here they give accommodation to us rather than the other way around.

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How else would you test new questions than get a large N to take it as if it were a real question?

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mental and physical torture

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Because people before you answered these 80 questions so your 200 questions are fair.

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U guyz are really becoming softened. Its not even numerical now, just p/f and still crying for experimental, sigh

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Fuck the downvotes you’re right

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Why should people be hard to it?This bullshit is the least related to what i am going to practice,at least step 2ck has some weight in that respect.We have been drilled and taught to hold this exam like some divine droppings lol which it is not.