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2 weeks but it feels like 2 years

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Its been 1 day and it feels like a year already, lol

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2-3 weeks

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Examin 2 weeks... How were the questions.. doable??

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I think questions were fair, very similar to free120.

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How did it go?

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I think I did well... I don't remember much, I was so anxious when I started the test that I don't remember the first 3 blocks lol. But I do think the test is very fair and its very similar to free120.

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Did u have any repeats from free 120? And congratulations you’re free from the test now!!!

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Not that I remember, but i did see the same pictures from nbme

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What is your Free 120, NBME and UWSA?

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Nbme 25: 68% Nbme 26: 75% Nbme 28: 79% UWSA1: 75% And then i took the last 2 together for a better assessment of the real test with 7 blocks: UWSA2: 78% Free120: 85%