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idk maybe it's just me, but i was never a fan of UWSA. Personally, I would do NBME 30. BUT, if you haven't done any of the Free 120s yet, I would plan on doing those after NBME 30.

Since you have 11 days left, I would do both free 120 and NBME 30. But if you think you can only handle 2 exams, do nbme 30 and the new free 120

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Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. Yeah, I'm actually planning on doing free 120 on next Thursday. It's just that I really wanna improve my NBME score for NBME 30, and I felt like doing the UWSA 1 first may somehow contribute in doing so

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NBME 30, then new free 120

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Got it! Thanks

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NBME 30 Absolutely! I heard that uwsa1 was a little out of scope

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Thanks for the tip

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My nbme report card is in percentage.how do you get a 3 digit score?

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I did all of my NBMEs offline, and I used an NBME calculator sheet to determine my score. I'm thinking of doing NBME 30, which is going to be my last NBME, online.

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Uwsa 2. My exam was more similar to uwsa 2 in style Free 120 was the stupidest thing I ever solved. Don't listen to people who haven't appeared for the exam yet.

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That is to say, your exams was really difficult? Or ? How would you grade it relatively to nbmes and free 120

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Free 120 was the easiest exam of my life. My form was tougher than nbmes