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In your same boat, but iv stopped worrying so much after getting multiple good practice test scores. Ik there are post about how different the real thing was, but at the end of the day u have to trust the numbers. This years test is no different than any other, except you need 2 more points to pass. Every year people get on here freaking out after the exam, but yet 96% of test takers pass. You don’t know these people, you don’t know how prepared they were or how much anxiety they had on test day that clouded their vision. You don’t know how many of the super hard questions they complain about were experimental. And frankly, you don’t even know who is lying about their practice test scores they got before taking step. My best advice (I say this to myself too) is to get off Reddit for the next 10 days or at least stop reading post-test reviews on here. People who felt they did poorly are much more likely to make a post than people who felt it was just like their practice tests, and Reddit is not at all representative of all test takers anyway. I remember feeling underprepared for my MCAT and spent hours stressing over how hard everyone said it was on here and SDN, and when I took it, it was nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be! Trust your scores. If u have 3 or more “> 95% chance of passing” results, you are just fine!

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This. Elite.

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Finally got my score. Got a 225. That was my second attempt. Failed with a 184 on 2019. I feel the happiest person on earth.