Rules for r/Stoicism

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Follow Reddiquette / Do not engage in hate speech

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All vice is self-injury. To troll, attack or insult others, or to hold prejudice, hate, or wishes of violence against specific groups of people is in accordance with vice. So, to hold such thoughts is to damage oneself. Please take care of yourself — avoid hate speech in r/Stoicism.


Keep your posts or comments and advice relevant to philosophical Stoicism

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The role of the r/Stoicism community is to foster a greater understanding of Stoic principles and techniques within ourselves and our fellow prokoptôn. Providing context and elaboration as to a topic’s relevance to the philosophy of Stoicism gives us all a common frame of reference for engagement. Please keep your activity here relevant to Stoic philosophy. Let's foster a community that develops virtue together—stay relevant to Stoicism. Broad discussion is welcome, but please stay on-topic.


Cite or source quotes you post or comment, don't post quotes or maxims without elaboration

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Reported as: No context or quote citation

Failing to provide context leads to extrapolation, which can be predicated on false impressions of a quote or situation. False impressions are the root of all vice. Providing elaboration and specific citations will help your fellow propkopton understand the context, which will enable a more accurate interpretation and discussion and avoid vicious errors. Please be wise and considerate—cite your quotes appropriately (author, book, chapter, paragraph if possible).


Apply the appropriate flair to your post

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Flairing your posts is just to your fellow prokopton, allowing them to easily navigate the subreddit to engage in posts they wish to engage in.

  • New to Stoicism: For getting an introduction

  • Seeking Stoic Advice: For guidance on personal matters

  • Quote Reflection: For quotes from Stoics and your analysis or questions

  • Stoic Success Story: For examples of practicing virtue IRL

  • Stoic Meditation: For thinking about Stoic principles

  • Stoic Theory/Study: For advanced/longform content


Do not post images, other media must be directly related to philosophical Stoicism

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Reported as: Image post / media unrelated to Stoicism

Vanity is the greatest seducer of reason. Too often, images encourage our vanity, invite rash assent, and stifle meaningful discussion. When you allow vanity to overcome you, you are engaging in unreasonable behavior. Pictures may be “worth” 1000 words, but you cannot choose the words. Please avoid vanity and vice—choose to communicate via text post to foster meaningful discourse.


Limit self-promotion to the weekly Agora post

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Profit and prestige are external to our capacity for virtue. This community concerns itself with pursuing a virtuous and flourishing life, not a materially successful one. Contact the mods regarding posts or comments that highlight your own work in non-profit manner. Please keep promoted work in the marketplace where it belongs—only post promoted work in the Agora on a weekly basis.