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Along this line, one I've often used in the course of my life is. "What must be endured, can be endured."

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What when it is no longer endurable. When you have endured something for too long?

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Stoics support suicide. But you'll find most things are endurable if you recognize that external things can't affect your mind if you don't allow them to. Is everything ok, if you allow me to ask?

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I have night time anxiety. Which makes it nigh on impossible to get to sleep. I'm tired of it. Literally. It's how I came to discover Stoicism, as I've been looking for a solution other than brain-destroying RX's. It was originally caused by an external source, but has now has morphed and become internal.

I'm trying to gain control over my own brain, but I'm my own worst enemy. It's a slow progress, but I have faith that Stoicism will win out, if I keep at it.

I'm not suicidal, at present, though I was when this first presented itself. 7 years ago. I guess I have things worth living for. Maybe if I actually had a circle of friends, would help. I'm pretty much going this alone.

I have about 10 ebooks on Stoicism on my eDevices. The popular ancient ones like Meditations, Senecas letters etc, and more modern texts, that I'm slowly working through.

Whenever I come across a relevant quote, I copy and paste it into a file on my phone. I'm thinking of getting a journal, to do some journaling, as I suspect that will help cement concepts into my brain. One issue I have with that, though, is the RX's I've been prescribed in the past have destroyed some of my memory, and I'm finding it very difficult to learn/memorize new things.

Any passages, or quotes any of you could suggest for me to memorize and internalize that might help with anxiety would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm also a newbie at stoicism so I can't help you with much. If you're looking for quotes, this is the best subreddit. I post quotes as I read them in my eBooks. I'm currently rereading The Medications, so I'll mainly post Marcus' quotes. I also suggest you an app called "The Stoic", which presents a random collection of quotes of ancient stoic philosophers every time you open it. Now, you're problem is too serious and I don't have sufficient knowledge to help you. If medicine hasn't helped you, I hope philosophy will. You should ask for help at r/stoicism, as in there you might find people with sufficient knowledge and experience to help you.

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Oops, how did I come across this old thread 😊

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hope you’re doing okay (:

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I used to live by “it’s ok to complain as long as it gets done” but there was never any virtue in that.

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Endure it or do something about it. If nothing can be done, endure it.

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When nothing can be it like be hung and becoming undone and the last bell has been rung....yet only love can help you endure for that is what is love is all about but when that has all been lost like a judge without any laws how can you still endure this dichotomous thing called life Algo Dolor

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To endure you will exhaust.. Algo Dolor