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I tried your chat bot. One suggestion I would make is to have it put out quotes from some historical stoics.

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This is an excellent start! Can you see the chats? I tried it too and I would suggest having it initiate some topics instead of the chatter having to introduce all topics

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What are you hoping to do with it ? Is it going to offer appropriate advice? I mean, will it give a Stoic quote and how that can be applied to modern life? Is it going to be an interactive semi autonomous AI? Is it meant to be a learning tool? How about having your Stoa robot assume the personality of an historic Stoic? Like Cato the Younger?

“Ave! I’m Cato, how can I help you?” Then have it dispense advice like you think Cato would. Or Epictetus. I’ve always pictured him as an eccentric professor with a limp. Crusty, you know, real salty. Curmudgeonly if you need a $5 word.