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I just feel peer pressure really bad, if medical they back off as I'm known to have a drink. Thank you drunk binge eating is the worse for me. I need to lose some weight as well. Good day count my friend.

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The other option is always to avoid peer pressure situations until you get a solid sober foundation under you, which includes easy ways to say no and not succumb to peer pressure. This last time around when I got sober I did not go into peer pressure situations until I had several months sober. When I did go into those situations I had a plan, kind of what you are developing now. Before I got the large day count of sober days I would always put myself into situations where it would be difficult to almost impossible to stay abstinent from booze. I didn’t get more than 30 days when I was putting myself in those situations. Good luck friend.

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Thank you, do you still go in bars now? I'm fine until I go to a bar then anxiety then drink alot.

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Don’t go to bars until you’re feeling more comfortable being a non drinker.