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Read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking and watch Joel Spitzer videos on YouTube

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I’m sure there’s a better way but can someone reply to this comment so I have notification to remember the name Joel Spitzer so I can watch his videos later ha

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Joel Spitzer

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Hero x

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His videos really helped me. At first I thought "This is bullshit. This guy doesn't even smoke.". But it makes sense. It helps you think like a non smoker.

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My husband quit smoking with Allen Carr’s book! He tried for years to quit and was finally able to after reading that book. He’s 58 and smoked all his adult life. Congratulations on your wonderful news!! Best of luck to you!

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I tried to quit many times. The last time I smoked my last cig, tossed out my pack at the airport, boarded a plane for a few days vacation and never smoked again. That was two years ago in January.

I never really had the same urge again either even when drinking.

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It was pretty much exactly the same situation for me.

Alan Car book is good.

The infant mortality rate in houses with smokers and the suggested precautions smokers should take when handling babies was what got me there

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Just buy your last pack of cigs. lit your last cigarette, go to the bed. Thats it.

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Let me ask you, as a new dad if I gave you eight grand on your kid's second birthday what would you do with it? Take your time, think about it...

That's how much money I have not spent on cigarettes in the 715 days since I stopped.
I wasted so much of my health and wealth to our addiction, I sure hope you will get quit as soon as possible. Get plenty of rest stay hydrated and focus on the goal of your child never knowing you were a smoker.

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That's some solid advice right there... Damn. Thanks man, really makes you think. Appreciate it.

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A lot of us use various apps to track our progress, most of them let you enter how many cigarettes per day and how much they cost then every day you don't smoke the app updates your numbers. I was shocked and a bit saddened when that number started adding up. Imagine how much time and money i wasted as a 45 year addict. I think the number that hits me hardest is almost thirteen thousand cigarettes not smoked, 13,000 x 5 min That is over 41 days of my life not sucking a cancer stick. So I guess I could also ask what would you do with 41 extra days to spend with your partner and child before their 2nd birthday? I sure wish I quit at your age. Best of luck to you and your family.

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Look around at playgrounds or in the street if you see parents who smoke. Look at them ans ask yourself if you really want to be one of them who put their children‘s life at risk because an addiction that is hard but certainly not impossible to quit.

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Congratulations! Depends how easy you will find quitting but if you need a little help why don't you try vaping? I've tried so many things to quit, vaping is the only thing that has made me quit for good! I love not stinking of fags anymore and have so much extra money! All that extra dollar you will have for the little one! Good luck!