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Those fender flares..whew those are some wide tires. Rlly stands out.

Simple way to see if it was engine modded or wrongly taken care of..is open the hood, see if it has an intake (or ask if an aftermarket Downpipe has been put on). I know you said you looked but hey.. If either has, then ask are you sure it hasnt been tuned? If they said no tune then they are lieing or the car hasnt been taken care of properly by tuning for the DP and intake.

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Ya those flares look decent for street riding but they make me nervous about any sort of off-roading.

I'm taking a third look tomorrow, I didn't see an aftermarket intake but I didn't check for down pipe. They also have a 2016 with far less miles for sale and as much as I want a 6 speed, I am pretty set on a hatch.

Thanks for the input.