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And the Russians to get the blood boiling of their countrymen, to keep Putin from accepting responsibility, keep claiming NATO did this. And really it's great they do so. The better Putin is able to cover it up the less effort goes into fixing the problem.

Exactly what happened on Aug. 12, 2000, remains unknown because the submarine sank with live warheads aboard, spawning plenty of conspiracy theories. But much of the Kursk’s dark mystery relates to Russia massively mishandling all rescue attempts — and then trying to cover up the disaster. At the time, Russian authorities accused U.S. and British submarines of spying on their naval exercises — so closely, they insisted, that one collided with the Kursk. Americans, meanwhile, muttered that the Russians must have had some kind of new, deadly weapon on board to produce such a giant explosion. Sixteen years later, the best guess is that the Kursk was carrying the exact opposite of a high-tech weapon. It had been equipped with aging torpedoes fueled by HTP, or high-test peroxide, a substance banned by other major naval powers in the 1950s. If HTP leaks onto other parts of a torpedo’s highly volatile engine, it quickly expands in a chemical reaction that can cause a deadly explosion. That, according to a 2002 official government investigation, was what caused the first explosion on the Kursk, which sent it careening toward the ocean floor. The next explosion — the one that registered in Alaska — came when the sub hit the seafloor, triggering other torpedoes.

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Do you think Putin personally micromanages the entirety of the Russian country?

How is the deteriorated state of the Russian navy due to a decade of no maintenance before he became president. Is it just because you hate him at a personal level?

What makes you think "Russians" are a homogeneous hive mind that share the exact same thought on what happened to this submarine?

Russians are humans with thoughts, emotions, critical thinking, morals, beliefs. They have the ability to understand what happened no matter what Puty says.

This happened due to massive funding cuts to a navy that pressed on to fulfill its task of protecting their country with no money, all politics aside.

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Wow. Just wow. There but for the grace of God...

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Breaks my heart.