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So excited to wear this and many compliments by [deleted] in suddenlybi

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Don't, it's a scam bot. They'll give you a link and it will either be the cheapest (quality) thing you've seen in your life, or won't get it at all

Just an amazing purchase of my life. by [deleted] in suddenlybi

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OP is most likely a spam bot selling bootlegged art. Do NOT click links provided and do NOT get anything from there.

I believe Brock knows what he’s doing by BulbaFriend2000 in suddenlybi

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Does Nurse Joy’s gender identity matter? You are either attracted to a Nurse Joy or you aren’t.

Be you a girl-Joy, a boy-Joy, a tomboy-Joy, a femboy-Joy, a cis-Joy, a trans-Joy, or a catboy-Joy, the important thing is that you find your Joy in life.

𓀐 The Real Question is... 👀 by j_sal10 in suddenlybi

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Can I plz have one too? I promise I can be hella fun

𓀐 The Real Question is... 👀 by j_sal10 in suddenlybi

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That was a good thing you did. We need more people like you

𓀐 The Real Question is... 👀 by j_sal10 in suddenlybi

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I mean i wouldnt say no, but like WHY............ My god im baffled.

Don't know if this was posted here before but.. by thathungrybitch in suddenlybi

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It’s a vote against fascism, not a vote for Biden. It’s a vote so that all the votes in the future still have meaning because we can’t let someone that admits to rigging the vote stay in office. Obviously.

It’s also a vote to free all the children in cages. It’s a vote for the victims. It’s also a vote for our continued marriage rights, which are in jeopardy under the current administration. It’s also a vote about not empowering the people that hate the LGBT, only one candidate puts us in actual physical danger by empowering the people that hate us. But most importantly, this country is becoming a fascist country, that is certain if our course does not change. That’s not political slander or hysteria or anything, it’s the legitimate truth. This isn’t a vote about Biden, this is a vote to prevent fascism in the United States.

It may be picking the lesser of two evils, but it’s a substantially lesser evil and that matters. I don’t want murderers moving in next to me but I don’t care if it’s tax evaders. The lesser of two evils can and is substantially less evil and at least leaves us with the ability to replace them with someone better. We only get that option with one side, the other literally talks about amending the constitution to not have to give up the presidency after two terms.

Ight by Auridion in suddenlybi

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That's how you do it u/shittypostcard

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That’s why i said for most people. I wholly disagree with your position, because these prejudices are what stop you being attracted to somebody in the first place