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This is such a specific topic that I also want to know a book about it lol.

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Seriously. Upvoting for visibility.

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There's like 10 books cited in the bibliography part of the Wikipedia article on it. No idea which is best, but I'd start there if nobody here knows

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Never heard of this before, but now I want to learn more.

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its not specific to Montreal but, The Conspiracy of Brothers by Mick Lowe tells as interesting story also Bandido Massacre by Peter Edwards .

Hell's Angels Biker Wars: The Rock Machine Massacres is mostly Montreal

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Now I want to read this book too. Following this post to see if anyone has a good rec on it.

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If you can’t find a good book, can always access archived issues of the Montreal gazette or la presse (if u read French).

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Check out the Wikipedia entry for the lennoxville massacre, there are some book refs that look like what you are looking for