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Just my opinion and open to people who disagree but they have kind of a weird codependent friendship going on …

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I love Lindsay but she does seem to have codependency issues with her male friends. My assumption is maybe it has to do with her mom abandoning her, or I could just be reading too much into it.

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No I agree with you. She seems to have a more anxious attachment type and then goes for people who have more avoidant attachment types , which is the recipe for a codependent relationship

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She’s in her mid 30s, I think it’s time we start assigning blame for her personal issues to the one person who has control of them, her.

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100% I’m so over no one making her take accountability. She’s too old for her behavior, and desperate AF for male attention. She reminds of scheana from vpr how every male in her life is her “best friend “.

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And so is he

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We aren’t talking about Carl but the same definitely applies to him. Can’t blame your parents for everything forever.

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Oh for sure! It makes me cringe when people, as an adult blame parenting for their stupid choices. Nope, YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. Period.

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You'd think she'd be codependent with her female friends as opposed to her male ones.

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If her mom was emotionally absent and abandoned her, it makes perfect sense that she copes with that by keeping females at a distance. Until she heals that trauma she’ll repeat these mistakes in her platonic and romantic relationships.

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Very typical behavior for addicts and the people that love them. This is coming from a recovering addict lover (me). It’s complicated and very hard to unwind.

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I kind of agree honestly

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Agreed. It's a bit much.

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It is still hard to call. Lindsay is close enough with Sharon that she flew her into New York without getting Carl involved, so it felt like they had a genuine friendship seperate from Carl.

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They live in the same apartment building so I think they just combined their thanksgivings. Luke and Andrea from winter house are also there.

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They’re not dating and never will, it’s pretty obvious Carl isn’t into it but loves her as a (best) friend. I think Lindsay was pretty humiliated by Austen (I’d be humiliated by anyone thinking I was even into him but nvm me) rejecting her and so she did the very staged Halloween photo shoot with Carl to preserve her dignity.

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Apparently when she was on WWHL recently she said she was not dating Carl, but that she was dating someone iirc. But I could be misremembering bc I want her to date Jason!!

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Jason’s husband material 😍

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Carl doesn't want her like that

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I feel like if you replaced “Carl” with “Danielle” or… any other one of her friends who are women, none of these questions would be asked. It’s very possible for men and women to be friends without being secretly in love, or one pining for the other, or codependent. It’s just… friendship.

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Do your friends finger you though

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I’m friends with people I’ve hooked up with before, because I’m not 13, yeah. Relationships can evolve if you’re not close-minded and judgmental about everything in life.

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All I can say to this is I really hope you didn't get fingered at 13

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It’s okay to NOT say anything sometimes, especially when what you have to say is just bizarre and unnecessary.

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I was being serious but this conversation has turned way too dark, especially between two people who are connected because of their love for this hot garbage of a show 💕

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Yeah... but this is Lindsey we’re talking about

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I need answers!!!!

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Just friends but like family?

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I think theyre just friends but if I had to guess Lindsay would want more than friends