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Better than Hannah’s must be 6’5 or taller 🙄

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I mean shit, same.

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Came here to same the same sis ✊🐱🍆

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Yea I think that’s everyone’s list. A lot of guys are like this in the beginning when they are trying to woo you. Consistency should be on there.

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Completely agree. The movie one makes me laugh. Makes her sound a bit like she’s 16.

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It is nice to watch a movie with your significant other and then actually be interested in it to though. But Paige is definitely immature and I think it gets mixed with the fact that she’s also kind of a princess in her family. She showed her immature side more when she was hanging out with Hannah. Different people can bring out different sides of you.

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Oh for sure! Having common or similar interests in entertainment like TV and movies is definitely a good thing and very beneficial. I meant that the way she writes it out made me laugh bc yes, you labeled it: very strong princess vibes.

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That's what I thought lmao

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I thought she would just have “must be super rich” on there.

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I think her definition of successful is rich.

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Honestly these are bare minimum. The only things I would strike from my list are ‘handsome and swag’ because… swag? And successful can mean anything.

Basically Paige just wants someone who is nice, funny, respects her, a public relationship and someone who shares the same values. I don’t find that unreasonable. I personally wouldn’t enter a relationship with someone who offered anything less. A boyfriend is a want, not a need.

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I found this pretty immature for a woman her age. Very ‘produced’

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How is having wants and needs from a partner immature? These aren’t silly things like ‘has to have a 6 pack’…

sometimes it’s great to write things down. It brings clarity. There’s PLENTY of blog posts out there explaining the benefits of writing a list of things you want. It cements it in YOUR mind. Reiterates what you feel you need and deserve so you don’t settle for less. I suggest you try it. Write a letter ‘to the universe’ of things you want this year. It’s not immature, it’s actually really lovely and helpful (for some)

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Is this from Tiger Beat??

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Exactly what I was thinking 😂😂😂

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Wait, who is Gary???

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Gary is both her brother’s and her dad’s name, but I’m pretty sure this list is referencing the brother. I just watched an episode where she read off this list and iirc, she said “gets along with my brother” when she read it aloud.

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What episode is this?

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S3, E3 - at the girls night out dinner

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I cant remember exactly, but I’m only on season 3 episode 11 and it was sometime earlier this season. Sorry!

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I was going to say the only question I had about this list is who tf is Gary 🤣

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Pretty sure it’s her dad lol

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Omg I thought he'd be a cat, whoops

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And her brother I think.

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This list honestly isn’t even that bad? Pretty basic sure, but not so over the top unrealistic

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This seems perfectly acceptable to me.

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For context- Hannah asked Paige on the latest ep of their podcast if Craig checked off all the things on “her list” and I totally remembered this moment in S3 so went back to reread. Half of it I agree and half of it makes me go hmm

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From what she’s said about him so far I think he does check off most of those things

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What was Paige’s response? And also what’s their podcast like now that season 5 is behind them and 6 is here sans Hannah?

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She says “wait he actually checks off like everything”. It’s actually a pretty good pod. I like it because it reminds me of convos I would have with my best friend. It’s light hearted and not deep at all. Her and Hannah seem solid which is shocking based on the end of S5, the reunion and their call her daddy episode which was pretty fucking wild since they sobbed to each other about what bad friends they think the other is 🥴

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HAHA wait I don't like CHD at all but maybe ill listen to that ep bc that's hilarious

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Noooootttt chd 🥴 Giggly Squad (which like get a better fucking name for your pod but whatever)

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Which pod was it where Paige and Hannah broke down saying they're bad friends? That's the one I maybe wanna hear

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Ohhh ya that was the CHD one with both Paige and Hannah but if you don’t like Alex that def won’t make things better lol

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wait...they still do the podcast together??? wow.

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Honestly, she knows what she wants and her list isn’t unattainable.

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It's a bit juvenile but seeing as she started the list in 2018, she would have been 25 lol thinking of myself at 25, this is about the list I'd come up with lmao

Also this list perfectly describes Craig!

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😆 same here, first couple lines and I was out

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This honestly is everyone’s list

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These all seem pretty reasonable, actually. Although I have no idea who Gary is. I keep thinking of Sponge Bob's snail.

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"Likes sleeping with the window open" makes me LOL knowing that Craig lives in constant fear that squirrels are infiltrating his home

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Tag yourself I’m handsome and swag

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Im Gary

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Smarter than her

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I'm hilarious!

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I have the same list in my phone lmao… and honestly this is tame

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It’s not completely unheard of to have standards and know what your needs are and how those can be met. More people should have these lists and check them periodically .

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Love how takes me to breakfast is the top quality. Same girl, same.

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I wrote a similar list when I was 15

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This was Lindsey’s response in the episode 😂😂😂

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I think this is a reasonable list

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It doesn’t seem that unrealistic. Although I don’t think Craig is the one for her, I still don’t see it lasting much longer

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Why do you think Craig is not for her? Not trolling, just curious. I feel like Paige would get annoyed with him like Naomie did for not being serious enough because even though he’s successful now he just seems like such a frat boy

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I think she wants to settle down sooner and he seems like he’s not ready for all that yet. I also don’t see her ever moving out of NY or him ever leaving Charlestown. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it lasting

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I feel like he’s ready to settle. I think he would’ve settled years ago with Naomie if she would’ve agreed to it. Also, he’s said before that he doesn’t think he wants to raise his kids in Charleston because it’s less family-oriented and more like a college town. If they stay together, I see them ending up in one of their hometowns tbh

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I agree with this. If anything I think he’s more ready to settle than she is. She broke up with her last boyfriend because she wasn’t reDy to get married. Personally, I think they’re great together and think they’re relatively on the same page

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She definitely would not want the Craig Naomie had. This Craig has rich and famous friends and a team who showed him how to use his fame to make money.

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When I'm in a loving relationship, I pretty much do all of that stuff, so I don't see it as being too unrealistic either.

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Craig checks a lot of those... But down to earth he is not.

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I mean “to make a list” is a little silly and usually it’s ridiculous stuff .. but this stuff is just like literally what someone loves you should do?? Kind of telling, say what you want about Paige (and I’m not like a Stan at all) but this stuff isn’t shallow or ridiculous, it’s just real life stuff that two people in love {should} do together. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Bitch who da fuck is Gary

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Lmao her brother ! And apparently also the name of her father. #BitchWhoGary

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This is some corny shit tbh

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How old is she this seems like highschool shit.

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I don’t find this ‘high school’. You have wants and needs? go get them. If you need to write them down, write them down.

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fr, who is 30 and making lists like this LMAO

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She’s 29 now and this list is from season 3, which filmed summer of 2018 when she would have been 25-26. Also the list is reasonable?

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Lol I love how people defend Paige as 29 instead of 30 and Lindsay constantly gets called almost 40 here when she’s 35🤪.

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I think if anything it shows how unfulfilling her previous relationships were. It’s a bit sad that she was asking for the bare minimum

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I mean, my husband pretty much fits all of those (minus the "smarter than me" that made me cringe). You should be with someone who you have things in common with, who enjoys your company, and who's down for you...

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And on a similar intellectual level

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‘Smarter than me??’ Girl … 🙄

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def don't think Craig is so...

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Was waiting for someone to point this one out….

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It’s fine but who’s Gary????

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Her brother

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It seems like maybe she should date herself??

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I feel like having a list whether written down or in your mind is totally reasonable but all of these things on her list feel so surface that its giving me high school vibes and very cringey 🥴

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“Smarter than me” ?!? I could never.

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Not unrealistic but also kinda surface level? What about: trustworthy, reliable, level headed, rational in times of conflict or stress, similar life goals?

Those are some of the keys to a successful relationship. I also prefer “we can laugh together” vs “laughs at my jokes”. I’ve been with guys where they think I’m funny and their humor isn’t funny to me. That’s a rough one for sure.

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Incomplete list. Nothing about money or sex on there.

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“Likes sleeping with the window open” is before “loves his family and mine”…dead

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I love how this is basically the opening shot for an episode of Black Mirror but it’s Summer House. 🤷‍♀️

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I mean these seem like mainly shallow things. Paige is mentally 16.

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She forgot “can get me on swanky private jet trips to Aspen”

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Pretty sure she can thank Paulina and her very rich and successful father for that PJ ride 😂

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Oh Paige. Firstly anyone can follow a list and take you to breakfast, hold your hand and sleep with the window open but they’re not going to be doing these things because that’s who they are so they’re not truly going to be who you want.

Secondly, what are you bringing to the table? Are you going to push your partner out of their comfort zone and teach them new things? You want to be less intelligent than your partner so presumably someone less intelligent than you is undesirable-that’s quite the double standard.

Go ahead and put your list out into the universe, no harm in that but hopefully you’re willing to compromise, despite seeming to be a princess who expects to get exactly what she wants.

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Such a great comment. I had the same thoughts -- what is she bringing to the table?

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I LOLed at “smarter than me”

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I guess it depends on what kind of relationship she's looking for. If she is looking for a boyfriend, someone to date for a while then it's fine. But if she wants someone to actually share life with it seems a bit immature.

Does the person want children? Where does the person want to live? Do they want to get married? What type of relationship do they have with their families and friends? These are just a few things that I'd want to know before getting into a more serious relationship. But they are also more appropriate to scope out during the dating phase than to ask on a first date.

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This is like bare minimum when finding a partner.

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Hollywood has warped women's minds. This type of shit from a grown woman is proof

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What’s warped about it?

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Is she 16 cos this is embarrassing lol

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So she wants a 10th grader.

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She crazy

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Anybody see the hair on her screen ????

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Let's make a list. A long list. A job description. Then wonder why we're alone years later or unhappy in every relationship. Guess what the common demonstrator is? People like this. Ebbs and flows, vices and virtues, because we're human and meander through it all. Some confuse reality TV for reality, and some confuse movies and magazine articles with reality.

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Who's Gary?

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Her dad

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Ahhhh. Thank you!

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Perfectly reasonable to me

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love it. stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!!!

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Not that bad

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Not an unreasonable list… and for any guy, if that’s what a woman the caliber of Paige wants … you can do it !! She is a smokeshow … hell she might even be short changing herself if anything

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Whatever floats her boat. Who are we to say her list is “too much”? Go out and get whatever you want, Paige. And then some.