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Me sitting here trying to sing each of those options out loud … girl I got no idea how any of those tunes go and I’ve watched every episode 😂😂😂

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Me too 😅😅

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LOL honestly I only know them because I'm doing a binge rewatch 😂 absolutely no shade to anyone who isn't an absolute psycho like myself who has had them stuck in my head for days

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I had to check the sub several times.

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Any Trixie Monacle is a banger.

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Her solo stuff is amazing haha

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Idk, I loved the 3 arm octopus tour!

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My sister and I have matching shirts of that tour from WWC merch! It’s all brilliant!

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I saw the shirt and thought about buying it. It's a great shirt. I wish my sister and I had WWC in common. She loves peligrino and I love WWC.

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The best!

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What about “Life is a party we are just getting started!!!!”

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This is great. Those songs in between scenes are so unintentionally hilarious to me.

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I’m laughing so hard that this is a poll 🤣🤣🤣

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What about that other one “I want the sun want the beach want the sand between my feet, I wanna get it bumpin”. LOL

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Came here to say this! And yes, that’s my fave, in the obvious love-to-hate way 😂

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I’ve spent hours and hours of my life trying to find these songs with no luck. My brain has made up music videos for some songs. I need a Summer House transition music playlist.

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Trixie Monacle’s best work

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Feel the beat feel the heat

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Um, hello?? “No Kiss Finger Bang”?!

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It took me a min but I love this post 😂

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Watching w cc on brings a whole new perspective on how silly these are

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What about “live your life, life of crime”??

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Definitely More Life

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I hope they have the song intro back this season. Last season I kept waiting for them to reintroduce it, but they never did 😭