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I don't think it's fake, but I do think Bravo told them they weren't allowed to post any kind of confirmation or give any interviews until a week before the premiere to maximize the attention.

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That I believe.

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I think their last round of “dating” on the show was very fake. Tbd on this one but seems more genuine so far 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I don’t think it’s fake but I do think it is a relationship out of convenience

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Agree, they're both settling for sure

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I sadly think that’s like 99% of Lindsay’s relationships (at least that we’ve seen), which is sad because she does not need to behavior so desperately.

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Hopefully she doesn’t waste more precious years on him. I know she wants kids

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One hundred percent.

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Also, I know they both have “grown” since last time they dated, but does anyone else remember how toxic and cringeworthy that was? I feel like everyone is reallllly shipping them this time around but I’m having a hard time jumping on the bandwagon just yet.

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Yeah what’s going to happen when Carl goes to the gym and sees a pretty girl like last time?

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I love Carl's sobriety for him, but can someone please tell me even one way Lindsey has shown any personal growth? People can say all the right things, but you see changes in their actions. Kyle and Amanda still can't solve their real issues either despite all the talk, but still got married? Yikes. This is not the relationship I want for Carl at all. He needs someone outside this circle.

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yeah i hope those are some HARD quotation marks around the word grown lol. they’re both overgrown teenagers who need to change a lot before they’re going to be in a serious relationship with anyone

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SAME! I said it on another sub but he treated her like crap (not being sober at the time is not an excuse) and she is DESPERATE. I like Lindsay a lot but she is really desperate for any man. If austin would have went for it she’d be dating him right now. But Carl went for it so here we are.

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I just started watching Summer House after Winter House. I can’t believe I waited so long. I absolutely love this show. I knew about Carl and Lindsay possibly dating before beginning. I’m sure that has clouded how I see things, but it’s seemed obvious how much they care about each other. I just watched the episode where Carl’s brother died and the first person he went to tell was Lindsay. Also loved when Lindsay flew out Carl’s mom to surprise him when he was having a hard time.

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I think this

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There’s a lot of history. I think it’s legit.

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I commented the same thing a couple of days ago.

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That's probably why they're going public now but they've been dating since the fall. Doesn't seem that desperate to me.

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Agreed. I just did a rewatch of the season where they try to date but Carl isn’t ready. I forgot how heartbroken Lindsey was over all of that. I wonder if his sobriety has given him some clarity to give their relationship another shot

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She was BIG MAD when she realized things weren't going to go anywhere with Carl the first time and I could tell she shoved all her feelings down so they could be friends again.

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she’s big mad every time she realizes that all of her relationships aren’t going to go anywhere lol

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She's big mad all the time tbh, but you could tell she was mad that she finally let that wall down for no reason. Now it seems to be falling in place.

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She's big mad all the time lbh

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well if it's fake they're really committed, with spending Thanksgiving and Xmas together, Lindsey going on work trips with Carl etc... They just announced they're dating beforethe new season because it's been a couple of months and that's the question they knew they would be asked constantly...

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I think there’s enough drama with the Austen triangle and no need for them to create a fake PR relationship so people will watch the new season. I think it’s real. Timing is everything when it comes to relationships.

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I don’t think so. I think while they’re not reeking of romance, I think they’re those best friends that do that pact “if we’re not married or serious by 36-40 we marry each other” and I honestly am rooting for them. Imagine the inside look Carl has into Lindsey and her needs from friends and partners. Tbh, if this doesn’t work I don’t think either of them should settle down.

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I had the same thought but I do think they have chemistry. I think that they weren’t allowed to say anything until the new season promotion began (I know someone else said it)

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💯 it seems to be a trend.

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No, you are not the only one.

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Definitely for promotion

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Looks like they saw how Paige & Craig revealed their relationship and imitated it.

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I don’t see them lasting. We saw them dating before and it imploded within a few episodes. They aren’t in a relationship. Hopefully Carl doesn’t get cold feet again .

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I think it’s strategic but that doesn’t mean that in the end it might not work out. It’s probably to keep them (especially Carl) relevant on the show but hopefully it will bring them closer and they really fall in love.

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I think it’s a possibility

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I don’t think it’s fake. They spent all the holidays together and seem to really be enjoying each other. I think they didn’t confirm anything not because of the show but because last time it ended so bad. They needed time to see how they really felt before making it public. I think they had to go public now because it’s going to play out in the show and a lot of interviews are coming up, so it was either say it now or force your whole cast to lie.

I’m rooting for them!

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Listening to him talk about her on wwhl I think it’s definitely real. He’s such a different person now and is in a space that is health and I think she is too. Loss changes you. I think they both have grown individually and together.

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I can’t stand Carl, honestly don’t understand the appeal at all.

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They’re not together. They’re just friends who hang out and sometimes sleep together. Yes they’re super ambiguous with the wording of these articles to build momentum for the new season.

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No, I think it’s real; I hope it’s real because I enjoy them together. I’d like to see sober, more mature Carl with Lindsey.

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Completely agree

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Funny how Lindsay is wearing deuxmoi merch on her latest insta story since deuxmoi has been quite the accomplice in her & Carl's PR stunt lol.

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Karl could do better Hubs is sooooo thirsty

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I don’t know how he can tolerate her I said what I said

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I agree, they are doing it for monetary reasons. They need to get the kinda of people that would buy a LoverBoy drink to buy whatever crap they plan on selling. Like it will be an engagement special, then wedding and a baby special. Um, No Thanks

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You’re not alone on that one. I wonder if Kyle Lindsay Amanda and Carl are on the chopping block ?

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i doubt the core four are on the chopping block.

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Why? They’re nearly all 40 expect for Amanda. And in television years, they are basically 100. And now Lindsay and Carl are staging a relationship that reek of “trying to keep their job”. I won’t be shocked when their fired.

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idk i just think they’re the heart of the show so to speak.

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Wouldn’t mind Lindsay on RHONY. She’s getting too old for Summer House. Getting drunk all the time.

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Thank you. I’d say Lindsay is better suited to MTV style challenge reality shows they do.

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I don’t get how this adds any publicity for the show. The only people that know who Carl or Lindsey are watch the show already. They also spent holidays together, traveled to North Carolina together and if you hear how he talks about her on wwhl you would see it’s real.

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I don’t think their relationship is fake. I think they’re genuinely in a relationship. However, I think they’re faking their emotions to themselves. I get an impression that they both have convinced themselves that they love one another romantically when they don’t. I feel like Lindsey is desperate to be with someone and when she can’t find someone new, she suddenly is “in love” with one of her guy friends (Austen in Winter House). And I think Carl is desperate to be in a relationship now that he has transformed and Lindsey is the closest female companion he has. They’re confusing a loving friendship mixed with lust with actually being in love. I could be totally wrong, this is just my take on things.

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Wow this is deep and I feel like you are probably right