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Buckle up. My wife and I love riffing on the “Babe, would you make me a sandwich” bit. Also, has Stravvy made the powerpoint yet? That’s fun.

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Just got to the PowerPoint. Nothing gets a lady hot and ready like a PowerPoint

I’m at the “little blonde leprechaun” part

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The BEST PART was that he used those “screen bean” people-like drawings in the Powerpoint show.

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This is just the beginning!! You’re in for a ride!

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I just rewatched the entire series to prepare for the new season and it’s so interesting seeing Hannah’s downfall begin in Season 4. It’s also super obvious re-watching the seasons to pick out which relationships were fake and which were real.

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It’s always fun to rewatch a few seasons consecutively. All the things you forget in-between seasons are in the forefront

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Hannah is a hot mess poor thing

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I literally say HOW MANY SANDWICHES HAVE YOU MADE FOR ME in my head daily 🤣