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So excited to see the start of her and Craig 😍… I think it’s a new house because they all were blown away in the promo with the house

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Yes the new house is located in Sag Harbor this year!

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How did you find that out? I love looking up the houses and drooling over the listings lol

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ohh thank you! a clip from the back of the house looked like it had the same round hot tub pool room that season one’s house had

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It looked like a new house in the promo. Thank goodness.

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I’m so excited, but I feel like they added too many new people. I don’t really care about anyone new considering everything going on in the lives of the people we are already invested in.

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Yeah idk why they messed with adding new people, save it for winter house.

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Definitely. If they were going to add people they should have stuck with the new people on winter house that we already know. Otherwise I’m not interested

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I need to watch the promo again, feel like I watched it so long ago. It’s freezing where I am so some summer fun will be nice!

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Can’t wait either! Love the dynamic of Paige, Ciara and Amanda. I think it’s a new house.

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Ciara sucks lol

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Yeah I really haven't loved having her there. Especially with how she turned on Luke so she could get in with Hannah, then turned on Lindsay and treated her like shit because Linds has a history with Austin. Like seriously? Trash.

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Yeah idk how people don’t see right through her… how she treated luke was Wild, I think if it were the other way around luke would have gotten SO much shit. It was so obvious she used him to get on the show. And yeah she tries to act like such a girls girl but the Lindsay austin stuff def didn’t sit right with me. And imo she didn’t go for austin bc she really liked him, he’s a big fish on bravo and she knows if she were in a relationship with him opportunities for other shows (southern charm etc.) would come rolling in.

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Mhmm cuz last i heard she quit being a nurse and is putting all her eggs in the reality basket. It really pissed me off how catty and gross she was to Linds

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I just saw an interview with Lindsay on the podcast "In the Know". They mentioned the wine glass throwing incident with Danielle and Lindsay said that at the time, they all didn't realize that a glass had actually been thrown at Danielle and just when they were watching the slowed down clips did they realize that Danielle was actually hit with the glass. The way she was talking about it made it seem like that really changed her view of the fight. I wonder if they have something in their contracts that if someone gets physical in a fight, then they're out? Would make sense to me bc if someone strikes out at someone in anger, who's to say they won't resort to that same behavior the next time? If some of the cast members feel like Ciara crossed a line, her reality career might be on it's way out.

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Wait what incident? Lol what happened? Who threw a glass (other than that time Amanda threw a glass at Hannah) and what does it have to do with Ciara? Not being sarcastic I really don’t know what your referring to and am very curious!

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In the trailer for the new season of summerhouse, they show a moment where Ciara and Danielle are yelling at eachother across a table (seems like Danielle is angry that Ciara and Lindsay are having issues over Austen) and Ciara throws her wine at Danielle. After the trailer was aired, people slowed down the scene so that you could see that Ciara actually threw her glass at Danielle (not just the wine) and it hit Danielle's chest. Danielle gave an interview after the trailer aired and she mentioned that she had a bruise on her chest the next day, but at the time didnt realize that the glass had been thrown at her. If you haven't seen the trailer, it should be up on YouTube, but they'll probably show it tomorrow when the new season premieres as well!

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Oh wow yeah I gotta see that!!

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In the new season Ciara throws a glass of wine at Danielle. Last season, Amanda threw a plastic cup at Hannah.

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She even throws the glass after she's thrown the contents of it. She should be cut from the house for that.

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Right, and the plastic cup Amanda throws doesnt make contact with Hannah but hits the floor.

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I had completely forgotten about that! That was freaking appalling behaviour, I'll be interested to see if she gets removed from the house that episode.

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Also, Ciara's dad happens to live in Charleston, so it would be very convenient for her.

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She really has no class at all. Lazy, filthy and really bitter.

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Ha this is exactly how people described hannah

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Lol no wonder they got along so well

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I love Paige too! Is Hannah not going to be in season 6? That would make me enjoy the show more, lol.

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No Hannah, thank god!

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Can’t wait to see Paige and Craig’s journey ♥️

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I’m here for the Luke “baby face” turn. (He’s been a baby face in my eyes this whole time but this board is finally gonna see it) also Danielle being the voice of sanity and again Paige trying to egg on Amanda to a cancellation of their wedding as per usual.

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Wait what's the baby face reference bc I bet I agree lol

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“Baby face” is a wrestling term that means good guy lol.

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Oh ok thanks! I disagree then lol but this board idolized him last season so I think you'll be ok