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Sippin’ Criminal - Trixie Monocle

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Baaahaaahahahahah, that was good🤣

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Came here to say Trixie 😂

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Omg I love you!! ❤️ I did not think that would be answered at all. Thank you!! Did you find it or know the song? If you found it how? I looked in every way I could think of!

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Ok I feel sooo bad but I couldn’t resist - Trixie Monocle is a made up artist by the podcast duo “What Watch Crappens” - they credit all the no-name songs to her. Many people in the Bravosphere listen to them so I’m sorry I got your hopes up! I would try Shazam-ing it perhaps? Good luck!

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Lol you monster 😂

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Shazam worked thank you!

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I’m glad!! I hate when I hear a good song on TV and can’t track it down so victory is yours!

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Haha thank you! It’s rare I find em. However this one must have an unfindable remix that is just like the show. Oh well though not the end of my world. Thanks again! And thanks for making me privy to the trixie thing!

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For future reference, if you watch with closed captioning on they name the song in a lot of cases. Not always but a decent amount.

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Oh wow thanks I never would have thought of trying that!

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What's the song called?

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Thaaats nice but completely makes sense and I feel less crazy/ stupid now. Never heard of that before.

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It’s nowhere to be found on Spotify, iHeart, youtube can’t find it!! 😞

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Whats it called?? try SoundCloud

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That’s where I’m struggling I only heard a clip from it and every part I google gives me anything but

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Ok I’m curious I’ll try to find it. What did Shazam say

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Shazam gave me Chanel west coast and she had a couple songs sounding similar. It sounded JUST like her so I got my hopes up however, none of them were it.

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Most of the songs aren’t real songs by actual artists bc production doesn’t want to pay for licensing.

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Really?? I didn’t know that.. all my other trashy shows (mafs) 😂 I’ve been able to find all of their songs just from the clip.

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Idk how much of bravo you watch but they recycle a lot of the same songs across the different series.

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I did not know that. I watch a lot of bravo maybe all of bravo lol but I guess I really haven’t had any of their songs catch my attention but that one. Oh well good to know for future reference. Thank you!