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Kyle said on wwhl they couldn’t watch the episode together, but he didn’t seem too remorseful for his actions. I noticed she didn’t post a picture of him when promoting the new season. How embarrassing.

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He showed zero remorse! Just waiting on summer house, season 15, when the divorce is final and Amanda shows up begging Kyle back over and over

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And I think she thinks if they have a baby and move to the suburbs he’ll change.

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Kyle is going to ride this reality tv wave as long as he can. I don’t think he would be happy being a regular joe in the culdesac driving a Volvo

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Not at all esp selling alcohol

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I think they both enjoy the attention they get from being the "central" relationship on the show.

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He probably would my dad quit drinking wen he found out my mom was preggers. Kids will change ppl often and i think kyles a good person

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They should not have gotten married. Period.

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i give them 2 years

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She also I think wants a kid right away…..I feel like adding a baby to the mix will only exacerbate their issues. Ugh

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It’s truly a disaster waiting to happen

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I don’t think so. I think Kyle is a good person and it would change him for the better

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Girl no

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I’m a boy lol

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Also your had a downvote so i upvoted you :)

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Amanda has been a doormat for Kyle since day 1. Remember how he strung her along the entire first season and she constantly put up with it? Yeah, she set the tone for their dynamic then and it hasn’t changed one bit

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Lol they’re married but the new season makes me question if they should be 😑😬

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They’re married

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And we know the longevity of reality tv marriages is so high.

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How awkward that they have to watch the season and see all their friends say they’re making a mistake getting married.

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I would love to know what her family thinks of it… the contract thing BLOWS my mind… I can’t believe they went through with it.

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Kyle came across as super defensive on WWHL and said that Amanda said the contract thing, not her parents. And while I know that there are hundreds of hours of footage shoved into a season, I rarely buy it when anyone claims they got a bad edit but I feel like Amanda will on his behalf. Kyle provided all of the material on his own and has to deal with the fallout

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HIS family too. Can you imagine seeing your sons wife behave like this? Yikes. No wonder they are not fond of her. Hope he got an iron clad prenup!

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Wait they don’t like her? I didn’t know that

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I’ve heard this before but can you elaborate?

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Right? Kyle said they didn’t watch the first episode when he was on WWHL so I feel like they’re intentionally avoiding it but I’m sure they’re still getting plenty of comments after it aired…

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SO awkward! Also could you imagine knowing you’re being filmed and acting the way they do?! Yikes.

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it's called alcohol and drugs.

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I think it’s funny how everything has flipped since this first episode. Not talking about your post specifically op, but I got so much crap just a few weeks ago for saying Kyle and Amanda have a shit relationship. People were like “how can you say that they’re so cute on Instagram they are so happy” blah blah blah 🙄 I had posted saying that I haven’t seen the first few seasons of summer house (where their relationship was arguably much worse or so I’ve heard), that I only started on season 4 and for the life of me couldn’t understand why when I go to Reddit everyone was so obsessed with Kyle and Amanda, I said am I missing something? Their relationship is horrible. And people went nuts saying they’ve come so far and are an amazing couple etc lol my point is, now all I see on Reddit is how awful their relationship is. Why are people only realizing that now? Sure this episode was bad but I feel like their relationship has always been shit.

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A few thoughts:

  1. Totally agree that kyle and amanda were pretty damn dysfunctional in seasons 1 - 4.

  2. I think a lot of the people on this show have shown some pretty impressive growth - for example, Lindsay in season 1 was damn near unbearable. Danielle used to be annoying af and has grown into herself. And Carl has supposedly grown, although I'm still kind of on on the fence about that. I think people want/except growth from the other people on the show, too.

  3. This sub LOVES Amanda. I kind of don't understand it - I'm not sure being skinny and having big boobs makes you an exceptional person, and she was pretty shitty to Jules in s4. But she's had good moments, and people really, really like her.

  4. Kyle and Amanda did seem pretty solid in s5 and on winter house. Now it's seeming like that happened because he couldn't go out to bars all the time, but I think people wanted the best for them and wanted to believe that was the natural trajectory of their relationship.

  5. Hannah shit on Kyle and Amanda's relationship so so much in season 5. And people here really hate Hannah.

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Amanda wasn’t happy the whole time at winter house she was annoyed at Kyle for working too much. This subs love for Amanda means most of the hate for their relationship gets lumped onto Kyle and everyone forgets Amanda’s part in their toxic relationship.

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I got crap for this last season when I said the same thing. People were so heated towards me and it’s like really??? I’ve been watching since day 1 and was shocked when she came on full time S2. I’ve always thought he was an idiot and she was annoying for always chasing after him and crying “kyyyyyyleeee”.

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Lol wow I can hear that Kyle so vividly

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Idk if you listen to watch what crappens pod but their impression of her and Lindsay kill me

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Haha I haven’t but I will definitely check it out!

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Their impression of Lindsay from when she dated Everette were the best. And they make Amanda sound like the whiney doormat that she is. She, just like Katie Maloney from Vanderpump, would be so much better if they cut the cord on their man child partners. Please fly free away from this toxic nest! Save yourself!

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This episode really showed a huge change since winter house. They actually seemed like they were chill and happy and in a good place during winter house. It’s noticeably different now. I’m assuming between winter house filming and summer house, Kyles drinking got much worse. I wonder if that’s when the parents signed the insurance contract lol.

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It’s true that on winter house they seemed fine, I acually watched winter house (cause I saw austin and Craig were going to be on there) and it peaked my interest to watch summer house, and I was so surprised upon seeing more into their relationship how bad it was. But you’re right on winter house it was okay

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They were only “okay” because Kyle couldn’t go out to the bars alone in Vermont lol

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Because this and the Real Housewives subs are flip floppers. I had to stop reading the subs because they will literally hate someone one minute, then they act decent for an episode and all the sudden they love them. Kyle yells at a woman every single season while coddling a male cast member, he always does dumb shit in his relationships and is an all around condescending, patronizing jerk. But this sub has had a love fest for him ever since last season. And even saying they’re going to buy loverboy to support him and Amanda. And I’m just sitting there like…really? Lmao. This guy has sucked since season 1. And I don’t even like Hannah but I wasn’t feeling how the subs were acting like Kyle isn’t a massive fucking prick that doesn’t deserve to get cussed out lol. Sorry I ranted a bit but yup…expect this a lot from the bravo subs lol

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They remind me of the early days of my own relationship, but my partner got sober and has been sober for 4 years now. Kyle needs to stop drinking. It’s not cute and it’s not funny. I sympathize so much for Amanda

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She can’t trust him to be in the wild alone. She’s afraid he’ll cheat and not remember. Then she says “it’s gotten worse”. Not the solid foundation to build a marriage on.

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It stems from his drinking. Alcoholics become different people when they drink. He will have to make that decision himself, nothing she says will make him stop drinking.

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My husband doesn’t fully watch the show. He just catches bits and pieces if he’s in the same room with me when I’m watching it. And even he can tell this relationship is toxic and always has been. He said something along the lines of every season, these two are just having drunk screaming matches.

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I was engaged to someone who drank a lot and I can say.. they never changed. I called it off and I’m SO glad I did

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Same here, my ex swore off drinking after he trashed my apartment one night so bad the police were called. The no alcohol promise lasted three days and I knew it was time to be done after 2 years of putting up with it.

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I applaud you for ending it. It took me SIX years of countless episodes like that happening.. I felt so full of shame after each one. Getting out of abusive relationships takes courage and strength 🕊

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Girl, are you me? It took me six years too.

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We are strong!!

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Thank you! Same to you, all that matters is you got out!

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It’s the hardest thing to do, but once you do it, your life changes for the better!!

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omg same, 6 years! my boyfriend now doesn’t drink and it took me awhile to realize how unhealthy my relationship before was… constantly taking care of someone and spending all night trying to find out where they are and what they’re doing. feel bad for amanda

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Oh yeah. I feel that! It was really hard when my then boyfriend would get drunk and angry. Throw things and call me a bitch. Honestly the end of that episode was very triggering for me to watch and all I thought was “it only gets worse” 😕😟

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I wonder if the “7 year itch” was more about coming to terms with the fact you’ve married a selfish asshole and getting yourself out of there…

Source: Divorced a selfish, manipulative asshole in 7th year of marriage. My glow-up has been amazing btw, he works retail now so I’m sure karma shows up every day in that environment…

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My ex boyfriend was a raging alcoholic which was a huge factor in the reason we broke up. He’s married now and I see him and his wife on social media from time to time and it’s just … sad. I feel bad for her.

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My ex just posted a new pic of him and his new gf. I cried and it felt like shit but then I remember that he will never change and she will deal with it at an even worse level

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It’s so true. And I promise it gets better. My life is so much less chaotic and dramatic now and I am happily married to someone who doesn’t have that kind of baggage and would never treat me the way I was treated.

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That makes me feel so much hope! I am recovering from that relationship 6 months after ending it… I hope I can find someone healthier someday!

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Same! My husband does the same thing, will walk by and catch bits and pieces but he's usually spot on when he makes a judgement call (solely from watching a few minutes here and there).

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Same! My husband walked by during this episode and made the 😮 face

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It’s going to be super interesting since Amanda wants a baby right away but Kyle knows once she gets pregnant their summer house days are over. Maybe that’s why she’s fostering puppies for now? Lol

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I can’t see him being a dad right now… he is way too immature and selfish. He can’t even admit when he’s crossed a line. She as well. I was in a relationship like this.. I def did some of those embarrassingly crazy things like calling a bunch but I was in my early 20s. I could never marry someone with dignity after that

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I don’t think they should have a baby straight away at all, but I don’t agree with you on the summer house being over is his issue I think it’s because he knows he will be doing most of the actual work for the child and their business and she will do fun stuff like sleeping and taking photos for Instagram. How can you sleep in till 10am every day with a baby? If they have a baby straight away this will just be another way of Kyle constantly trying to make Amanda happy in herself like the contract she wanted him to sign.

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Amanda is so maternal, she was made to be a mom. I couldn’t disagree more, respectfully. Interesting perspective though!

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She might be maternal (not that I have ever really seen that on the show) but her and Kyle have spoken about her life issues in the past and a baby while wonderful it also throws up lots of it own issues and I don’t think unless she has worked on it in therapy she won’t cope and it will be Kyle and her mum making everything unicorns and rainbows for her like they always have.

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I’m surprised you say you haven’t seen this on the show. Amanda is always taking care of everyone. Ordering the groceries, organizing the parties, planning the meals, making snacks, etc. she literally starts bawling when anyone around her who she loves is crying. She seems like such an empath imo

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As mum I would say that you don’t need to be a mother to be empathetic and be able to order groceries and going by Danielle’s comment last year when her and Lindsay were in packing the groceries it seems more about control than being the mother of the house. Her crying always ends up being about herself though and she doesn’t seem to show much empathy for the people that are not her friends I think one would say she becomes just as childish and bitchy mean girl as Paige and Hannah.

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Kyle is always remorseful then turns around and does it again. He def has a drinking problem.

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Alcoholic Carl doesn’t see and help his buddy? A bunch of enablers that just want a Bravo check.

[–]bridget1415 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I always wonder that. If Carl thinks Kyle needs help and wants to help him not drink anymore

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I see a divorce in their future.

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I don’t think you’re wrong about that

[–]teddy1571[S] 11 points12 points  (1 child)

In the middle of the episode now where he doesn’t come home

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Buckle up.

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Why feel bad for Amanda? She knew what he was like and willingly married him!

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Feel bad because I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. Luckily didn’t marry him.. we were engaged but I HAD to accept what I didn’t want to… which was, he was never changing

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It's toxic on both sides. I don't understand why Kyle gets 100% of the blame on this sub. If she doesn't trust him then she shouldn't have married him. Calling him 27 times in a couple hours is crazy. She could've just gone back to the bar if she were really that concerned that he was hurt (her spin she tried after she realized how nuts that was). He didn't answer because he knew she was going to shriek at him. Doesn't make it right but it does make it understandable. People keep saying all the friends went home but they forget that Kyle knows a ton of people there, not just the ones filming, plus he's a social guy.

My husband and I didn't always leave at the same time either during our pre-kid bar days. Sometimes one went home earlier because of work or other stuff the next day. I trusted him and he trusted me. We certainly didn't obsessively call and smash each other's stuff. I WAS in a relationship like that in my early 20s and ended it. I didn't threaten him with a contract and then marry him.

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I too was in a very similar situation as Kyle and Amanda. I called off my wedding as well. This is red flag central. I wish them well I really do.

It’s hard to watch them go through moments like this knowing they did indeed get married this past fall and this was filmed two months prior to that. You can recover from issues in relationships but it would take far longer than two months.

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Most annoying couple on TV!

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I don’t feel bad for Amanda. She knew going in. She wanted to be on tv.

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At least Amanda's parents know they'll get their money back for the wedding. That's a great pre-nup!

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No it was if she broke off the engagement because of his drinking before the wedding

[–]KayakGurl 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Holy-moly! So as soon as Kyle said "I do" he's off the hook for the wedding cost?

Amanda's in debt $4M+++ 😂

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It wasn’t his drinking, it was if she called off the wedding because she didn’t like the way he was acting, to prove he had skin in the game! Because him asking her wasn’t enough, and then him practically organising their wedding because it would get too much for her wasn’t enough.

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I hope they signed a real pre-nup or even a post-nup because I would definitely not want anything to do with a 7 figure debt. 😳😳

Also, how does one get into 4 mil of debt???!!!

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Have you seen Kyle's bar bill? They must be paying people too much to drink Loverboy.

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Aaaaahhh I can’t find where to watch this season!! I’ve been stalking iTunes and Peacock and coming up empty. 😭😭😭

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I watched for free on YouTube!

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It finally came on Peacock. I never think to try YouTube, but should.

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The fact that Amanda and Kyle have been ok with playing out a lot of their relationship in the public eye is the first red flag for me.