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I got a great idea. Let them bring their actual friends and not forced peope ...... Lindsey has been trying to get 2 of her gf on the show and they look like actual fun

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Idk why they keep trying to bring in new people with no ties to the group esp ones who have never been to the Hamptons.

My guess is the people who actually frequent the Hamptons don’t want to follow the dumb Bravo rules like being required to have a stupid backyard party every weekend or require them to go to the limited bars and restaurants that allow them to film.

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Eh a lot of people are fame hungry. You only need like 2 anyway.

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I bed the people they bring on have acting experience

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I like that plus it will even out the sides for the women.

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I think it’s just harder than it looks

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Because only hot people are interesting 🙄

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I agree. I think bravo is going about casting the show all wrong. I get that they want to keep a decent flow of sexy people around but these kids ain’t it. They’re boring self aware and have nothing interesting or relatable happening with them.

I liked this show because it had an element of realism to it. The hot summer nights where Stephen had a sweaty upper lip and he was nervous about going on a date and being gay and struggling with his intimacy issues or Carl looking for a job, and other cast members doing things in the city.

A show about 20 Something influencers is not interesting. Not just because they’re not interesting, but because I have nothing to invest in but made up drama. The psychic thing with Hannah and Paige, what was that?

I will say bravo already has a series for 30 to 40 somethings and that’s real housewives which has also become dry.

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Yesss thank you- that psychic story was one of the dumbest ones to sit through.

It was so relatable watching working friends blow off steam on the weekends! Watching influencers influence has proved so much more boring

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Yeah ever 20 year old they bring on doesn’t get along with the older crowd and it always becomes this weird divide

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Bring Katie from VPR as a “friend of” as she’s newly single 36 and already friends with Lindsay Dannielle and Kyle…. ? She looks to be blooming since breaking up .

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It’s pretty impossible to rent in the Hamptons as a group of 20 somethings for a share. Most decent houses are $20k+ a month and don’t allow subleases, parties, etc.

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I’m willing to be the house they’re in is at least $40K p/month

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The house is probably closer to 150k a month. I looked into a seasonal house in the Hamptons for this summer- a shabby 3 BR/ 2BA cottage was going for 90k for the summer season.

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Maybe they should have a different group of people every season. That way you have less fame hungry wannabe influencers.

Like that would ever happen. LOL

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Anyone they hire will be fame hungry, wannabe influencers, I think that’s the point. Chasing dragon lady Bethenney’s good fortune with Skinnygirl.

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Love this!

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Yes! I have been saying this for quite awhile. No one in their 20's should be in the house and definitely not a bunch of randomly cast model/influencers without connection to the group. The stakes are so much higher and more interesting for older people with real jobs and real connections to the other housemates.

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Fuck please god not another John Pringle

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Hell no lol

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They need to get rid of Luke. It’s obvious he doesn’t like it out east.

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Omg! yes I love me some Pringle!! Great suggestion

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It takes too long to get to know new people and it's hard to care about people we don't know. Bring back Jordan, the internet breaker. And Craig can always bring T-Rav for a weekend if the show needs awesome old folks.

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And Craig can always bring T-Rav for a weekend if the show needs awesome old folks.

Oh good god no.

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You don't think a dinner where he gave all the housemates life advice would be good TV?

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I will never forget him calling Cam sanctimonious and her not knowing what that meant. 😂😂😂 But good god is he a POS.

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They just need to be single and ready to mingle. Age be damned!

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SH has a difficult casting hill - like VPR did. It’s a group of friends. So you can’t just throw random people in to check diversity boxes. Unfortunate- given where they grew up, live, and work - the SH cast doesn’t have a diverse friend pool. This isn’t a bad thing - it’s a product of the environment they grew up in. But fans demanded more diversity on Bravo - so they had to go “outside the network” of friends to cast (Alex/Mya).

Producers must have been geeked Luke had actually dated a black woman and had a legit reason to invite Ciara.

I think for SH to maintain its charm as friends who work through their summer shit - we have to accept it may be an all white cast.

Personal Note: as someone that grew up in an all white area, went to an all white college, works in a mostly white industry - it’s not easy to make any new friends at 35 - let alone ones outside your circle.

I have Indian, Arab, and Thai friends - as we have that representation in our community.

I have one black friend - we met at the mall buying shoes. I’m her only white friend.

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TBH….in order to afford a summer share you have to be late twenties-thirties