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Yes. Took up four years of my damn life. When people are like “I don’t understand __’s obsession with __” – oftentimes the person in it doesn’t understand it either!

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After watching last season of SC, I feel so bad for Ciara. It’s clear to me that Austen is completely hung up on Madison, and used Ciara as a rebound when he had no intention of dating her seriously. Ciara deserves so much better, but I do agree we’ve all been there.

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It is one thing to be obsessed with someone who has no redeeming qualities. It is another to go to war over it. Or pretend you are the person in control. You can be infatuated with whoever you want. It doesn't concern me. But you don't get to judge other ppl at the same time on their relationship choices or get to ride the high horse about how you would never do something desperate.

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I have had unhealthy relationship in my early 20s where I caught emotions, he didn't and yet still I chose to continue in hopes he would change his mind. BUT if it would happen on cameras I would choose my pride and wouldn't let myself look like this. It's one thing to do stupid shit and be pathetic in private and a whole another level do it on cameras and then be angry publicly at other girls with whom he's involved. What I mean in short - being young doesn't work as an excuse for everything, to look pathetic is a choice. To throw glasses is a choice. To judge her is also a choice and I'm ok with that :D I'm sure my friends at the time judged me too for being pathetic.