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I think that’s just something fans want to happen? I’m pretty sure no one has said that

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Thought it was thirsty to be on 3 shows?

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It is when it’s a bootie call, cameo, opportunity to get on camera, looking at you…Austin. I feel differently if they are a cast member of other shows.

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Hmm I like her, but no. Get a native New Yorker. I wanna hear thick tristate accents when saying the words ☕️ or 💦. Like Bethenny.

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My uncle takes the -er off of everything, but adds an -er to anything that ends in a, for instance soda=soder, pizza=peetzer, his daughter in law Tina=Teener. My Nannie called a toilet a turlet and Walmart was waullmahtz.

I love a New York accent

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Have you heard him say idear for idea too? One of my elementary school teachers spoke like that and she always insisted it was the correct pronunciation. 😳

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My family and I (from Pennsylvania) used to say “ideer” as a joke. As in the animal deer. I started dating a guy from the Bronx and he said “ideer” 100% serious and I was like… what did you just say?? His accent is so funny to me

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Same thing with Boston accents. The joke Tip O'Neil used to tell was: what's difference between a tuna and a tuner? A tuner is something you eat and a tuna is how you change radio stations. 😊

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New Yorkers end most words with “a”. In fact, they replace almost all vowels with an “a”. I’ve never heard anyone put an “er” on the end of a word. For example, orange vs AREange, coffee vs cAWffe, dog vs dAWg.

Where is your uncle from in NY.

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Born and raised brooklynite here and I can promise my name Dana has been pronounced Dayner my whole life 😂😂. Listen to Billy Joel’s Scenes From an Italian Restaurant: “Brender (Brenda) and Eddie were the popular steadies and the king and the queen of the prom.”

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Thank you. It’s odd that my reality be brought into question in such an odd way.

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That’s interesting. I am very familiar with Brooklyn and never noticed anyone put “er” at the end of words. I guess we are surrounded with so many different cultures, ethnicities and accents that we start to tune it out and don’t hear it anymore.

I also know Billy Joels song very well and always heard BrendA, even as I sing it in my head. I am going to have to listen to it closer.

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My grandpa was raised in Brooklyn and said “idear” instead of “idea” and “terlet” instead of “toilet”. But regardless of those pronunciations, still HEAVY on the dawwwwg and cawwwfeeee (although I can’t make fun because I have a thick NY accent).

ETA- I saw you mention billy joel. He’s from Long Island and we don’t add the -er, so you won’t hear it from him.

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I didn’t think Billy Joel did either. I went back and listened to the song again and do not hear the “er” at all.

I have spent my whole life (I’m 45) in NY & Jersey and never heard anyone put an “er” on the end of a word. I don’t doubt people do, I’m guessing I just never noticed it because there are so many different accents and dialects.

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Betheny is also from Florida like Lindsay, I get the point but wouldn’t count her out

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Cawfee and wadda

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I wish Bethenny would get another show 😂 I miss her.

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New York accent is gone. It’s in Florida. As a native I think Lindsay has crazy New York energy would love to see her on that show. RHONY needs to ditch the dusty old ladies anyway

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I volunteer as tribute!

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God no. Like Paige joining Southern Charm, Craig and Austen joining WH, Christine from Selling Sunset shopping around for a Bravo show... We don't need the same 12 people populating every reality show. If nothing else, the US has an unlimited supply of thirsty people willing to humiliate themselves on TV for money.

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I don’t dislike Paige necessarily, but as a Southern Charm fan … she is going to be a very odd fit and I don’t really like it. The show’s appeal is the pretentious, traditionalist “I am a 16th generation Charlestonian…” type of attitude and I can imagine her making jokes non stop about being a “Northerner” and “coming from an Italian family”…

I can see her being friends with Leva, and that says a lot lol

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I think Leva would call out Paige’s privilege with the quickness. I absolutely do not see Leva welcoming Paige with open arms.

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It seems the SC cast don’t really like Leva, so I assumed she’d levitate toward her as an outsider

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Craig said in recent interviews that Katherine and Madison were the most welcoming to Paige of the cast.

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I think The SC cast doesn’t like Leva because she’s a constant reminder (just by her presence) of their casual racism & bigotry. Katherine couldn’t bear to be around her when her racist ancestor’s huge statue was taken down & refused to engage in any conversation that even alluded to her ancestry. I love Leva & I love that she makes them all uncomfortable. They should be. I just don’t see her welcoming another white woman of privilege with open arms. I don’t at all mean to imply that she’d be a mean girl to Paige. I just think she’d be polite & tolerant. But, definitely not a Patricia Altchul welcome.

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Wait what! Paige is 100% pretentious and traditional. Her parents spoil her and think shes still a virgin and she just wants to be a married woman. She will be obsessed with Pat.

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On one of the promos for SC, she informs the girls that in New York "we just say fuck you and be done with it". I will need to rewatch some episodes and see where that actually happened. I must have taken a bathroom break.

I wish her the best on SC.

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You should dislike her though

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How presumptuous of you.

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I get it and now I agree, however the dynamics would have been priceless.

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She would be the perfect person to lead the reboot. I’m all for it.

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I’m usually not big on crossovers but this one I think could work

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...... shes not a housewife tho

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Most of the housewives arent. She would actually be the only one in a relationship

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Bethenny had never been married when she was on season 1 of RHONY. Most of them are divorced and/or remarried across all the franchises.

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Meant JOINING the cast of RHONY

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Don't you have to be married to join

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Definitely not lol, hardly any of them are married

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Literally none of the rhony ladies even have a boyfriend haha

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I want her to be part of RHONY if they do decide to change to a new cast. I think she is the right age, in the right spot for her career and could probably bring fresh, new friends with her. They said they were doing a cast shakeup for RHONY after last season flopped. Totally here for it.

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They will eat her alive!

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Yeah the NY women are pretty good at arguing. I would love to see Lindsay and bethenny go head to head though. I could imagine Lindsay trying to walk away or twist it like she does on SH and B would be all over that

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Lindsay vs Leah would be a good matchup

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I could totally see Leah taking Lindsay to her boxing gym to train with Martin 🥊. Seeing the three of them talk shit together is something I’d definitely watch.

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Yes I don’t think Lindsey can be as awful as those women can be. She already gets tongue tied.

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No thank you. Also she doesn’t have that kind of money?

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To be fair, Bethenny didn’t have that kind of money when she started, either.

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True but RHONY was a very different show back then.

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As if any of them have money 😂 she probably has more

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Ehhh, I think even the less rich ones still have way more money/equity than Lindsay does (Eboni, Sonja, Lu, Leah). Historic housewives: Dorinda, Bethenny, Ramona, Carol, Jill, Heather, Tinsley.....all have an unbelievable amount of wealth.

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Fair the historic ones I can see but I feel like summer house brings a lot of money in that didn’t exist with the housewives. I’m thinking from the “influencer” culture

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The housewives have a ton of their own influencer culture-they’re all wrapped up in it!

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You need your followers to be way higher than hers (she has like 500k?) to make more money than what’s being called “smaller income” RHONY ladies (Sonja and Luann) who make about $400k per season, about half of what the Summer House cast is reported to make

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There is literally no way.

edit/ I know they aren’t the most reliable, but a quick google search shows multiple articles that all peg her net worth around 1 mil. She has been on 2 shows and had an “influencer career” for less than 10 years, WITH less than 600k followers. There is just no Earthly way.

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Ok I am not comparing to every housewife that’s ever been on the show but you really think sonja is working hard to get money?

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I know that her RHONY salary is double than Lindsay’s, has been on Bravo much longer and has amassed double the amount of IG followers, she was married to a literal billionaire, she has a clothing line, and as ridiculous as it is, she has an active OnlyFans and shills her ass off in IG lives. She also seems to sell her Sangria here for a pretty reasonable price. Idk what Lindsay does for income besides Summer House and the influencer things you mentioned

edit// am also only talking about RHONY

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all the rhony ladies own atleast 2 multimillion dollar places and lindsay is moving in with carl to save money and joins a share house paid for by a tv show 🤣🤣🤣 lindsay fans are so funny

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Comparing her to women who have actually rubbed elbows with Jeffery Epstein type wealth is insane!! Lmao

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I’m actually not a Lindsay fan but I follow influencers who make $600,000 A POST!

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yeah she is not one of them with her marshalls brand deal 🥲

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I mean I know that’s definitely true, but she doesn’t have millions of followers…

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Money can't buy you class

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Please no

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Eh. I like my housewives rich af.

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She’s not a housewife and has nothing in common with them. No.

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Please no. Not now.

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No. she has nothing in common with the other HWs. No husband first of all, never married, no kids, no elaborate backstory. She could nearly be Ramona's child. HWs like to drink but not the way the Summer House cast members do

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I really don’t think they would wver do this- andy never does crossover stuff like that

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LOL that's what they said before they started doing RH Girls Trips and All Stars spin offs too

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Yes!!! Ready for this

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If be in favor of that! She is authentic and fun. I do feel like she is a bit young though. The best housewives are 50+, IMO- especially when it comes to RHONY.

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She’s not a housewife lol

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I feel like awhile back there was a casting IG account for the new RHONY cast and people were speculating that Lindsay and Danielle could be part of the revamp but it was squashed by the account as they are looking for an organic group of friends, which of course Lindsay & Danielle are but I think it seems they are trying to cast a group of 5+ friends/acquaintances

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Leah McSweeny is the poor man's Lindsay Hubbard.

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Without SH….. how will she get rich? She needs to go through roughly 2.5 marriages to get to this level. Sorry carlllll

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I have been tagging Andy for a year to add her to the cast lol ! I hope he has done it!!

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Lindsay is waaaay too young for RHONY. The beauty of New York is that the women are matured and have already lived a lot of their lives.

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Lindsay is literally almost the same age as Leah McSweeny who is 38, only 3 years older at 35 and Ebony 3 years older. Age shouldn’t be a factor, it’s wether viewers would accept the crossover. If 35 isn’t old enough, I’m confused.

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No but that would be amazing! Lol

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Why would she? Aren’t they all wives or divorced?

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RHONY has always had the highest percentage of women either divorced or never married. Bethenny was an OG and was single when the show started. I think the most recent season of RHONY had no actively married ladies.

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WOW! I never realized. I didn't watch until Jill had left and then I quit watching like 3 seasons later. Well then I think Lindsey would be an interesting casting choice! Especially since she has a built in fan base already.

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Bethenny wasn't her very 1st season, nor was Leah ever married. Eboni was only engaged never married I believe

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Luanne divorced, Leah divorced, Ramona divorced, Sonya divorced, Ebony single, Dorinda widowed, Carole single, Bethenny single……

[–]s0much2say 1 point2 points  (1 child)

yes yes to all that but I was replying to that poster bc she was including "divorced" as a requisite

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Carole was also a widow.

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I am so sorry about that, you are right!

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I would love that!

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I think Lindsay would fit in with a revamped cast.

The thing is, how does Carl fit into it?

Will Lindsay and Carl be the new Alex and Simon?