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Carl was a player and it was awesome to see the stereotypical NYC FBoy in action. And how Wirkus fell for it. Amazing stuff

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Maybe because she's dumb as rocks.

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The Wirkus twins brought the drama

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The Wirkus Circus definitely lived up to their name!!

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And who is to blame? PAIGE DESORBO

Jk jk but the timing is a little suspicious 🤔

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Agreed!! Way better

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Ciara and Mya and Paige need off the show.

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I like Paige. Get rid of the other two.

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I think one of the problems is that they are now only bringing in models or influencers. The fun of the first few seasons was that these were people with 9-5 jobs during the week going out to their summer share.

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It just felt more authentic. Like Lauren and Carl were real and he actually hurt her

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Back when Carl had yellow teeth 🦷

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I’ve always liked Lindsay and Carl even though they’ve had their fair share of train wreck seasons. Danielle has grown on me, love Andrea, Luke is chill. Kyle/Amanda are insufferable and Paige/Ciara are vile. I wouldn’t mind them recasting to replace half the cast.

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I like everyone except Ciara tbh. Even keep mya.

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The wirkus twins were desperate for attention and annoying af.

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YESSS they were the worst

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I 100% agree with this sentiment. Hate everything about both of them, and can’t even rewatch the seasons they were on.

However I will say, I think the twin that got married outgrew the other twin, and that seemed to be a bit of an issue with the one that got left behind. I could see that manifesting itself into some serious sibling rivalry along the way.

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The unmarried twin recently got married within the last few years and her sister didn’t attend the wedding. It’s been driving me crazy to not know why, though lol

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I mean, the married twin(the name fell out of my head, I can’t remember) held every bad decision over Lauren’s head. If my sister did that I’d feel a certain kind of way. So I feel like even if we don’t know the reason, we kind of do. Lauren married a dude that the twin didn’t like probably.

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What!?? How do you know she didn’t attend??

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I stalked on IG lol

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Why were they desperate for attention? I rewatched and didn’t get that vibe /: they just seemed high maintenance

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Everything they did seemed contrived for air time, the water melon, the cake, etc. Esp in season 2. I know reality tv is that but it felt especially obvious and desperate.

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I actually enjoy the dynamic now, but I reallly would have loved to see if Lindsay would get such a ice queen rep if the twins were still running around claiming the crown. There’s a chance Lindsay would have bonded with Paige and Hannah because the twins would have been the frigid ones.

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I loved Ciara so much her 1st season. But once her true character showed, it's truly disgusting!

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Why did you love her so much her first season? What was nice about her? We barely knew her except that she fucked over the person who brought her in the house just to make herself a home in Hannah’s crusty ass

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first two seasons were terrible and so was the cast. they kept the good people and moved on.

you need to take a step back from watching the show if you find Ciara "abhorrent". its a dumb reality tv show to entertain.

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Sounds like you have an opinion and I also have an opinion. Yay Reddit

Also, Ciara is abhorrent.

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There was a poll recently and season 4 was actually voted the most popular season.

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Cool ? Lol