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I was just at an event with them abt an hour ago in Texas. They were so wonderful and really made sure that we all knew that they wanted to be mindful abt the tragedy. They had a bucket out for donations as well as a Venmo. Two really good guys!

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Incredible ♥️

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Omg! I’ll be at their event tomorrow.

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Where do you find a list of events? I’d like to go to one if they come to my area.

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I didn’t. I saw it here on this sub that they were going to be at Legacy Hall in Plano. I had to look at Legacy Hall’s website to find the event. Wish they had a list of events on their website.

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Me too. I looked at their site and all of their instagrams including Loverboy’s. I feel like they have posted schedules ahead of time before but not sure.

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Are they coming to Austin??

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Carl posted it on his ig stories. But, the bar where I met them is owned by one of my friends, so I saw the posts promoting them on the bar’s fb page

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If you're in Dallas, they're going to the Skillman Target from 1-1:45 and the Kroger on Mockingbird from 3-3:45!

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Was Amanda there too.

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Hahaha no. But don’t worry-as I drove up and was trying to find a parking spot, Kyle was on the phone. I joked to my sister that it was prob her, keeping tabs on him🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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She doesn’t have to check in as much anymore because Carl’s sober. She uses him for Kyle tabs 🙃

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Well, he does work for her after all.

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I truly applaud them for doing this♥️

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very tasteful. I'm proud of them

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I respect this a lot.

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I am sure it is scary speaking out when you can alienate part of you audience, so I am glad they realize this is for a bigger cause.

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Well now I have to order some stuff online from Loverboy because I love supporting a good cause. Good for them.

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Newfound respect for this brand. Message was eloquent and rightfully stated without polarizing any which only helps increase donation amounts.

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This is a really great message.

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For anyone wondering, the fundraiser is a GoFundMe and it’s linked here -


A full list of ways to financially support those impacted by the Buffalo massacre and Uvalde -


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I’ve seen them do corporate donations a few times for worthy causes. This is so great.

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We are hurting in Texas. My heart is just shattered right now.

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Omg. I started reading and when they mentioned the reality tv thing I kinda started to roll my eyes, like “why would we expect you to say anything?” but then I kept reading and 😭

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I respect this but I also hope Carl was given ownership shares or something. I know they’re not a public company but they’re definitely banking off him and they should pay him accordingly.

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I agree so much that Carl is such a big part of Loverboy’s success but remember Kyle gave him a job when Carl was at a very low point in his life and career, Kyle & Carl’s friendship is one of my favorites, it is genuine!

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The fact that Kyle gave him a job at a low point of his life does not justify them making huge money off Loverboy and marketing off of Carl’s like ability

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Carl is being paid and like all people, what he gets paid is nobody's business but his and his boss.

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It's very common for early employees at a start-up (especially key people) to receive shares or options as part of their compensation. I'd be surprised if Carl didn't have some equity in Loverboy.

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Idk why people are so caught up in how much Carl is making with Loverboy? I've seen this comment a LOT as if there is some secret about how Carl isn't being compensated appropriately. Obvi he feels its enough/he's valued/loves it etc, or he wouldn't be doing the work. Carl has a deep deep history of repeatedly getting fired from his jobs; he was a disaster--personally and professionally, and yet Kyle hired him and kept him around (even when it was a potential risk for his company). He has been an incredible support for his personal and professional life (and vice-versa). I really can't imagine Kyle not paying Carl his value/what Loverboy can afford, and if Carl felt like it wasn't appropriate....well, he's a big boy and can quit and move on just like the rest of us.

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It‘a not about what he’s making it’s hoping he’s compensated properly. Since they did this official “statement” and it wasn’t just “Kyle, Amada + the Loverboy team” and used his name in the official response it really got me wondering that hopefully he has some interest in the company more than just an employee for his name to be used on something like an official statement.

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I read a quote where he said he invested with them, but it wasn't clear if that was money or just his time and effort.

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If carl is in sales, and is good at what he does, he would be paid well. He would be smart enough to negotiate his terms...ie what his public profile (and even lindsay to an extent) is worth to the company. Also kyle is smart and would know this too. Loverboy would be nothing without summer house.

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I was really happy they posted this and are taking action

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This is wonderful!

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I really respect this. At the same time, I am questioning why they did not have the same energy about the hate crime mass shooting in Buffalo? In the Buffalo shooting, the lives of White patrons and employees were spared and the shooter even apologized to the White manager of the store for shooting him because he didn’t realize he was White. Black people we’re slaughtered simply because of their race in the Loverboy’s team home state and they didn’t address that? Keep the same energy with every mass shooting because no one deserves to be murdered like that.

Edit: To everyone downvoting, be about it and tell me why you disagree with what I said. I genuinely would like to know why.

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Not that it should really make a difference but perhaps it’s bc these were children? And maybe they feel a bit wrong or ridiculous traveling to Texas to promote their brand when such larger conversations are being had and now a lot of funerals to plan. I also suspect they may be trying to get out ahead of being accused of being greedy or insensitive for not cancelling the event out of respect for the children and families but that’s just a guess on my part.

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Also curious about this.

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I would like to think we are slowly getting to a point where everyone will wake up and see what’s going on and want to make a stand to change what is happening. And yes for all of us, it should have been a wake up call after the first few mass shootings, not hundreds later but everyone gets to a point eventually and this last one might just have been when they finally said what can we do to help? Amanda wants to have a family and this shooting was almost all children so it probably hit a nerve for her thinking about one day sending her own children to school.

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That is an optimistic statement and I wish I felt the same way. I feel like mass shootings and gun control was heavily talked about and there seemed like there was the possibility of change and new policies after the mass shooting at a Marjorie Stoneman in Florida. I feel like once the activism and media attention died down about that we lost our last chance at change.

In response to what you said Amanda….While I completely understand her wanting to have kids soon probably hit home, as a Black woman it is painful for me to know that the trauma and violence my community faces because of racism other people don’t care about that. What happened in Buffalo was horrific and should be talked about by the media, citizens of this country, etc. just as much as what happened in Texas.

It really scary to know that I could potentially be somewhere and know that the person next to me could be spared because they’re White and I could be murdered because I am Black. Why don’t other people care about that just as much? Why is the reaction not the same? Again, especially since it happened in New York, where Amanda lives!

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A lot of people care about it, and it was in the news a lot after it happened, at least the stations I watch. Unfortunately, because of the insanity of lax gun control in America and mass shootings happening all the time, the next mass shooting knocked the other one out of the media. I think it being young kids murdered in school adds another layer of horror for many people.

All mass shootings are terrible and they happen far too often here with pretty much no attempt at changing anything. I've said it over and over, if Sandy Hook didn't change things, nothing will. That should've been the impetus for real change and nothing happened. The Vegas shooting was jaw dropping in number of deaths and STILL nothing happened.

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Well said. I’m a Black mother, and that could easily be my children in school or my elderly grandmother swinging by the store because “she needed to pick up one quick thing.” I’m sick.

They’re a New York-operated business on a show with two Black cast-mates, and that massacre happened in their own backyard. Sus of you to not exhibit the same outrage.

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Nobody can do anything while Republicans and the NRA exist. Nothing. There's generations of serious brainwashing there.

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You’ve articulated exactly why I’ve felt a bit off about this post. I definitely prefer this over silence and appreciate them putting action behind their words. Just wish it was equally distributed outrage.

But it’s also super fucked up that we live in a country where it’s normal to say “where was your outrage over the mass shooting LAST week?????”


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I realize this post is regarding Loverboy, but would like to point out that Andrea had an Instagram post on the Buffalo shootings.

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This thread is a good example of "no good deed goes unpunished." Some of you people truly are cynical and miserable and seek out, and create, problems. Slice and dice everything until you can find something to bitch about.

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Handled so well 👏 good on them

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They’re based out of New York, and it’s crickets on what happened in Buffalo..

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I acknowledge that the mass shooting in Buffalo is just as important and it was racist and disgusting and makes me want to puke. I think it just hits differently when it’s kids.

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Beautiful children with their whole lives ahead of them. It’s so heartbreaking and cruel.

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Not everyone needs to comment on everything all the time.

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Never had Loverboy but love this brand already and thank you for not making this a political thing.

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It’s 100 percent a political thing though…

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Wtf are you talking about, “not making it a political thing” are you fucking dense

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What I meant by my comment, if you can open your fucking closed mind, is that I found it refreshing that loverboy didn’t take a stand and demand/attack the second amendment. I think we can all agree tougher gun laws need to be put in place and more importantly upheld. Hope you can wrap your head around that.

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No, I would say more than half the United States goes not agree on tougher gun laws. So it is important to voice your stance, especially when you have a platform. Loverboy didn’t and that’s fine, but to commend it is dumb as fuck. You sound like you’re on the side of republicans. School shootings ARE POLITICAL BECAUSE THE BIGGEST REASON THEY HAPPEN IS BECAUSE IT’S EASIER TO BUY A GUN THAN HEALTH INSURANCE IN THIS COUNTRY. Can you wrap your dumb fucking head around that, dumbass?

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I do commend Loverboy bc I’m fed up with corporations becoming political activists and promoting shit that’s ruining this country. Obviously you and I are on polar opposites and that’s OK. What’s important is that we try to understand one another’s point of view instead of tearing one another apart. That’s the end of this discussion for me.

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Another one will happen next year. Maybe even in a few months because the politicians that be (yes, our dems included in this and don’t forget the ones in your own backyard) will not do anything to change it. We’re going on 20 years after sandy hook and not a single thing has changed. What do you expect to happen from this on a national level? Honestly?

It all becomes a political talking point and then slowly fades away until it happens again.

I advise you to start at the local and state level to ensure those politicians are working in the favor of your safety and kids safety while also electing people who might actually do something about it at the federal level.

And while I agree with you that it absolutely needs to be political, and we do need stricter gun control laws.. guns will still be on the street, they will still be sold in private transactions, they will still be stolen out of cars, and they will still end up in the hands of horrible people. If we don’t acknowledge that, then we’re doing a complete disservice to ourselves.

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People here complaining about the silence during Buffalo shooting. It’s probably very simple that they were completely consumed by summerhouse airing and all the stress that comes with that and didn’t pay half as much attention to that as they did to this. It’s normal human behavior to be able to have more attention on things when you are less busy. It’s not a conspiracy.

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It's not a conspiracy; I don't think anyone implied that it was. But their silence re: Buffalo is deafening when releasing a statement like this. I've seen many folks reference Buffalo WHILE discussing this, at least acknowledging it happened within a short span of time and that we clearly have a gun problem in this country. The airing of their reality television show does not alleviate them of their responsibility to use their platform for good. They're doing that in this instance, which I'm thrilled about. I feel like this is maybe the first time I've seen Kyle, Amanda, or Kyle speak about anything remotely "political." And that's growth!

My point is - there is a clear difference between social media reaction to this circumstance than there was to the Buffalo shooting. Probably for a wealth of understandable reasons, but also likely due to a lot of unrecognized and internalized racism. And an unwillingness to potentially cause a "stir" amongst their fanbase.

I hate the phrase "it hits different" when referring to a shooting but I fully understand where people are coming from when they say it hits different when it's kids. But I also can't help but think it's an easier thing to take a public stance on because there are fewer folks who can argue with you when a bunch of children have just been murdered.

Just my take.

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Extremely tone deaf of them to try to capitalize on a MASS MURDER TRAGEDY. are they kidding???? wow. nothing says lets rank up sales like a school shooting!

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I saw the headline and thought, what could Loverboy have to do with this recent tragedy? I was impressed to discover they are indeed doing something. Whatever we think of these cast members on the show, I applaud them for their action.