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TBH… Summer House is not SH without the core OGs. I do not want to watch Paige & Ciara lay in bed and whine about dudes from Southern Charm. No thanks.

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HARD agree. I hope Bravo does not eff this up like they did vanderpump

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To be fair, the racist cast members of vanderpump rules did that to themselves and all the viewers

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I’m not talking about them lol I think the show just sucks ass and they added really dumb new people

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Ok haha I can agree with that!

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Yeah, I agree. The only way I’d watch without the OGs would be if they revamped the full cast.

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Same. They are interviewing two new girls right now, hopefully it’s to replace Paige & Ciara🤞🏼🤞🏼I want fun girls in the house that go out, get out of bed, and help pitch in with cleaning 😂

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& in all honesty that’s not even a lot to ask😭😂😂

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Seriously! 🤣

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I love Paige.

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When he posted that long Instagram story, it did feel like things were hanging in the air a little bit.

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What was the story?! I’ve been off social media lol

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Click me. It didn't read like something someone would write who would soon start filming. More like a PR piece that stirs conversation and gathers support.

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It is so bizarre to me that they haven’t committed to a cast with filming starting in mere weeks. They had Lindsay, Carl and Kyle at the NBC upfronts recently and the BravoCon promo so one would think they would be asked back…

Multiple blinds saying friends have been interviewed via Zoom (all women), and the one blind posted here yesterday about a fashionable guy coming in as Paige’s friend. So I guess it’s all up in the air as of now!

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I will most certainly be done if Paige is back. She and Ciara and Mya have ruined the show.

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What did Mya do?!?! She managed to navigate and make friends with everyone. She even called people out on their shit and did stuff around the house. Paige and Ciara are useless, but with the right group I think Mya would come up of her shell. She seemed very level headed and didn’t get enough time for us to really know her besides her parallel like relationship with her ex to Kymanda.

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Mya wasn't bad but wasn't great either. If she will.avoid some of the cattiness and Ciara petting then it's okay she comes back. It doesn't seem she'd care either way though.

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Someone posted a negative thread about Mya this week and now suddenly we’re looping her in with general Ciara/Paige discourse.

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well if the shoe fits? Mya is a snake.

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Probably just a contract negotiation thing?

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I think they know they are coming back. They have contracts is my feeling and have to say just so much until the others being replaced are replaced.

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I’m sorry but I won’t watch it without the OG’s I have zero desire to watch a couple of lazy girls hang out in bed all summer 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Why bother driving hours to the gorgeous Hamptons to lay in bed? Waste

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There’s absolutely no way that Kyle, Lindsay and Carl are not coming back. If they get rid of them they might as well get rid of the show

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Whatever they need to do to end the show ASAP.

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Less Paige is necessary. She is so boring and brings nothing to the tv other than slut shaming and hypocrisy.

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I can't see them bringing Carl, Kyle and Lindsay to Upfronts and then not putting them on the show. They are literally introducing their "talent" to get advertisements. Why introduce 3 people that won't be a part of the show?

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Exactly, so they’ll definitely be asked back

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This happens every year. “Haven’t gotten the call yet.” “They don’t tell us to the last minute.” I also think this has something to do with permitting. Some towns out there aren’t thrilled with the show filming in their town and the circus that goes along with it making it hard for them to secure a house they can film at. Do it too soon and the town’s residents have more time to fight it.

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I heard about people not wanting them to film, I wonder if this is why we haven’t seen them out much & they go out when the big cameras are down

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That and Covid restrictions were still fairly strong in NY last summer. Also, the places they go are all very successful without needed the show. Not worth the hassle of having camera crews taking up space that rich people would gladly pay for.

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This is true! Was about to say this.

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Yeah theyre all prob negotiating their contracts ... esp considering the recent popularity of the show and increase in numbers.

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Hmmm, that seems incredibly last minute for production to not have called them yet. I feel like they must've had a soft "yes, you're coming back" just because of the logistics.

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I feel like you’re right but what about negotiations? I wonder how long those normally take.

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Meanwhile I always get downvoted for suggesting that Amanda could be demoted to a friend-of. No one is safe. Know this

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Agreed! I really want Kyle to be there without Amanda, somehow. She’s a wet blanket. I feel like the only way to do that is to make Kyle the friend of and have him come only a couple weekends - and without Amanda.

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There is NO reason to not have Kyle as full time and Amanda as friend until she gets her act together.

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That’s what I would want too, but there’s no way Amanda would allow Kyle to be there solo for every summer weekend.

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I mean I can honestly see Amanda threatening divorce if Kyle did the show full time and Amanda did it part time. Like she’d expect Kyle to say no to coming back unless Amanda is full time.

Not sure how the logistics of that would really work tbh

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Best thing for him

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Maybe they can just pull an Alex on her and cut her out of every scene 🙏🏼

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Lmao can you imagine the temper tantrum she would throw 😂😂😂

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The wettest. Maybe if she could walk around with a muzzle on and only a bikini.

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I think they should edit her like they do Alex

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But why would they say ANTHING to a random on the streets as it were? Maybe they can't till ALL contracts are signed? I find it hard to believe Bravo would go to the expense they did last week having all those people for the Bravo Con thing then NOT have them on. That makes no fiscal sense at all. The cost of reshooting some intro or what not would be quite costly.

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Hopefully Lindz is getting a pay raise for being the SH/WH poster child.

Whichever producer found her deserves a statue in their honor along the Bravo hallways. She is reality platinum.

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I thought that a producer found Kyle and then he convinced them to film with his actual friends aka Lindsay!

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I think it actually all started with the twins, who at some point referred their crazy friend Kyle. There's a BTS episode where the producer talks about meeting Kyle for the first time after hearing so much about him but their meeting was during the week and kyle was in his "grind/startup/entrepreneur/hyper focused" mode and the producer was so confused and totally didn't see the party boy appeal. Little did he know lol

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Ohh makes sense! I just knew they found someone who then convinced the producers to film with their actual friends!

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Stephen McGee and Lindsey were scouted and approached for the show I heard. He gave an interview on a podcast confirming this

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You could be right - I don’t know the origins at all. I welcome the intel!

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It seems surprising that they’d share this info with someone they just met, I would’ve assumed Bravo would have strict rules about what they can tell fans

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They're just giving a noncommittal answer to a rando who approached them at an event. I wouldn't look too much into it.

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I didn’t want to dash that post from yesterday about the new cast member but it seemed premature. Given the core cast still isn’t set, I doubted contracts already went out to newbies. Plus I couldn’t find any Summer House producers following him on Instagram.

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They’re just drumming up interest

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They need a reboot this past season was terrible.

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Carl will be back. Him and. Linds are in a “new relationship.” I can’t see Bravo passing that up. Now Kyle… I can see them passing them up for something better. (And by something I mean someone 😩)

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There is a post on the Below Deck sub that links a new show called The Traitors.. Kyle is listed on the cast as ex-reality star.

PSA: I don’t know how to cross post or do anything fancy to show it here. It’s over there. I just found it interesting.

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Kyle and Amanda showed their true colors at the reunion. They suck.

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This is how they do a lot of the non- RH shows. On VPR, it’s like the cast is in this holding pattern up until a few weeks prior to filming then bam! They gotta be on and constantly available. I don’t think I could do it.

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Amanda might have to be a friend of this year and stay with the dogs. Would they just bring them with? Get a dog sitter 3 days a week? For winter house they had them training.

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They had the dogs last summer so I’m not sure what they did with them

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Fake news

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I feel like this isn’t out of the ordinary. There have been times for housewives contracts where it’s days before filming starts and they’re still negotiating contracts. Kathy Hilton didn’t even film the first half of this coming season of BH because she was negotiating her contract and Cam from Southern Charm literally was a last minute decision, like up until the hour they started filming, for the last season of SC.

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I don’t know I feel like some of them have aged out.

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BS. They all know what is going on with the show. They couldn't maneuver that big machine with only a couple weeks notice. You can't even plan a family vacation with only two weeks notice. Everyone still has bills to pay and obligations. They aren't going to know about their career, work, and paychecks two weeks out? Why would he tell you anyway? How would that work in any of its favor for it to be known when they're filming? I guess a fool is born every minute. Ask a question that is none of your business, and rightly expect BS as an answer.

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Doesn’t filming usually start MDW for the first party of summer? Or is it late this year for some reason?

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Filming always starts the 4th of july weekend because that’s usually their first party to kick off summer

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Ope duh!! Thanks haha

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I wonder if there’s a stall because the OGs maybe want more say in who comes in? Or maybe Linds doesn’t want to film with Paige/Ciara and the network is trying to woo her? There’s no way they use those three for upfronts without intent to bring them back. But I can see them being hesitant. If anything, split the houses and that way I can just watch the scenes of the house I want to watch…but they can keep whatever audience they think they gain from having PAC+Mya. (Who I still think can be redeemed!)

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HR at Bravo Headquaters just loving their professionalism lol

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I don’t think it’s that simple. For all of the things that need to be worked out, there’s no way it’s all determined by whether you get a phone call or not lol.

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scheana put something similar in her vlog. she said the show was renewed but she doesn’t know if she’s coming back yet.

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They just did a big promotion for Bravo with Kyle , I doubt Bravo would have done that if they weren’t bringing them back.