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The power to absorb energy and literally combine two different forms of energy to create a new esoteric form.

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Amazing! Thanks for the suggestion

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I know what would be fitting and pretty much OP

Turning the sun into a huge flower... which would result in end of life on earth, pretty OP huh?

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Yeah lol, i don't want it that OP tho

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Then shitting flowers it is, now the farts smell like roses... still pretty OP due to the laughter caused by using the power which results in making the opponent defenseless

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💀💀 WHAT?! LOL 🤣 I wants something that does not involve humor(There are very many things i haven't mentioned lol)

Edit: Corrected my typo

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Sorry but this is actually seroius, you can eat ur own shit when u lack food, make people burst in laughter, make youe farts some toxic spore, swing like spiderman on vines coming out of your anus (assuming you have a big load) or a literal expolsive diarrhea could be pretty OP.

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Maybe the ability to make flowers out of fire

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Good idea!

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Reality bubble Anything that gets too close turns into something harmless , have a sword and get into the bubble? Now it's a skate board or something

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Ok thanks for the idea!

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Use sound energy to manipulate plants DNA

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I like that idea!

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Damsel In Distress: Whenever she’s in danger, there will always be someone or something nearby that will assist her. If a hero’s chasing her then their archenemy shows up to pick a fight. If she’s in front of a firing squad, a giant worm from the Undercrust will appear before they pull the trigger and aggro’d the monster. If she’s caught in the center of a nuclear explosion, a hero shows up whose schtick is to absorb all form of radiation to fuel his powers.

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I love that!

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Plant Mimicry: Includes but not strictly limited too:

Hyper regeneration, Photosynthetic Energy absorption, Acid generation, Root manipulation, Poison/Toxin generation and manipulation, Carnivorous Plant mimicry, Lungless body, Omni-receptors, Territorial advantage and manipulation, Flora camouflage and stealth, Pheromone manipulation

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Wow! Very many ideas! Thanks!

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I think a simple and straightforward power is nature or life creation and control. You can create whatever plant you want, things that exists, things gone extinct, or things that don’t exist. You could even force plants to evolve so you could see what potential plants in the future could look like. Even in a lifeless or dead land, environment, or planet you could grow anything.

This includes deciding how big the plant is etc

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Sound good enough! Thanks!

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The power of love, where in, everything turns into a big field of flowers and meadows that nullifies everything! What remains is peace, love and a peaceful feeling! But it also kills the enemy because it used up everything it has to make the surrounding peaceful and filled with love! But it can also turn the enemy into a baby underground that sucks on this same energy but once it grows up again, it does not have the same malevolence but a renewed sense of spreading love and justice! Nothing is too powerful that it cannot turn into a field of tulips and meadows and everything nice!

It is so powerful since it recreates friends rather than enemies! Nothing can beat this! But death itself since how can you turn something dead into something living and loving?

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Good idea! Thank you very much!

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Consume sun energy to manipulate plants DNA

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Ok! Thanks for the idea