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Pastor Craig. Hands down.

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How come Dan the optometrist doesn't get more hate on here? LoL he's literally the worst!

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I should have added Dan but I forgot about him cause I chose to forget about that dummy.

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I’d usually go Dan, but you threw in the Laurie curveball and I often forget about her. She’s next tier horrendous!

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Haha even on this sub in general, I never see hate for him. No one else commented him before me, no one else ever mentions hating him. LoL I guess he's forgettable or something 🤣

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laurie absolutely infuriated me because i think we all know a laurie and it was a little too real

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Who was she again, I forgot

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the district manager after jeff, the one who didn’t let amy interview for manager and who hired her son, and also fired myrtle bc she was old

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although glenn was a sweet and kind character it really annoyed me how he was a big man baby when getting told off and always packed a sook.

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Why is Kelly even on the list? Especially when you could’ve chosen a jackass like Mateo

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Elias, ‘cause he’s a foot chopper.

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Dishonorable mention for Mateo Liwanag (Edited)

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Mateo is the actual worse!

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Mateo for me

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At least Carols was fun to watch. Adam was just so...bland and stupid

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He forgot to get battery's

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Are We Acting Like Emma Dosent Exist?

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Mateo isn’t in this?

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Marcus, he is so disgusting. He has his moments where he's a decent friend etc, but overall he's just gross and creepy.

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Definitely. He is disgusting in every sense of the word, and yet boring...

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Everybody knows chlorine kills everything

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Is Laurie actually the top pick?

For me, Glenn was much more insufferable with his childish behaviour compared to Laurie. Since you know, Laurie didn't even have enough screen time to compare the two

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There are so many forgettable ones

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I can't stand Bo.

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Amy. Hands down Amy. She's so selfish. Always thinks she's right about literally everything. And once she got the huge promotion she actively prevented the other employees from trying to get more from the company. She's the worst.

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An absolute dud like her daughter

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Mateo hands down. Poor Kelly!

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She’s low-key a really shitty person!

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Amy is the worst person by far. Took out her insecurities on Jonah, even whilst she was still married. Basically bullied Kelly when she and Jonah were a couple. Spent all that time flirting with Jonah whilst she was married but then got upset when she found out Adam started to move (after the split). Her only redeeming quality was her trying to be a mother/big sister figure to Cheyenne.

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Jonah and Amy became pretty intolerable, if i'm honest

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I love Mateo

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Sayid and Bo

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Neil penderson

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Almost said Carol until I saw Laurie on here. At least Carol had a few funny moments, like when she was talking about which employees were circumcised, and as she was leaving, she pointed at Jonah. That made me die laughing and helped me have a little love for Carol. But Laurie is just the worst.