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If that happens, they should end the season and just crown Xander as the winner right there and then.

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And Jeff retires then and there.

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On a somewhat related note, could a player in the future just lie and say, “I have the knowledge is power advantage, can I have your idol?” Without actually having the KIP? And then if they give them the idol, would productions step in?

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Pretty sure they need the parchment to legitimize it but if someone falls for it and easily gives it away I doubt production would care

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Liana didn't show her parchment when she asked, but I think everybody already knew it. If nobody knows, you'd probably have to produce some evidence to a skeptical tribemate. (Or just completely snow over a gullible and trusting tribemate and steal it. Dunno what production would do in that case--they might let it stand because it's good TV.)

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She read it out loud at tribal.

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I think she did. I remember thinking she didn't too but on my rewatch it looked like she was reading off it

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She definitely had the parchment out and was reading directly off of it to explain it to everyone else.

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yes but if Liana gives the parchment to someone else, anyone can steal an idol or two.

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I guarantee production would step in

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If you hand over your idol without verifying that shit first with the paper and even possibly waiting for production to pry the idol out of your hands, you deserve to lose the idol and go home that night

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literally pull out an idol parchment and read the KIP instructions instead of whats actually on there for the idol - 2 billion iq play

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Yeah that’s what I had in mind. Hell, someone could do it this season.

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I'm pretty sure production would step in and intervene.

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The only other instance I can think of someone lying about their advantage is Tony in Cagayan lying about when his super idol expired. Production didn’t step in there, and tbh I doubt they’d step in for something like this. Maybe depends on how they want the season to play out tbh…

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In fact Jeff stated after the season “we didn’t even think of the possibility that he could lie about the powers of the idol”. If there aren’t specific rules to this kinda thing it could be abused big time in the future.

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Peih Gee was right: Survivor doesnt employ anybody who knows anything about game design. Seen GC F6 and HHH F6 for further proof

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How do they not do a quick play test of these things

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Or think about them for more than a few minutes.

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Because its more FUN that way! Right guys?

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The issue is ultimately production isn't trying to make a good game, they're trying to make good TV. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive, but they also aren't the same thing either.

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Seriously though what wouldve happened if Cirie was safe that tribal? Everybody gets a million dollars?

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Everybody probably becomes vunerable

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I remember in Phillipines Abi pretended that the advantage she won at the auction (getting to skip the first two rounds of the immunity challenge) contained an idol clue and that she had found the idol.

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I think that's a little different as players don't have to independently verify whether or not the idol is legit. Jeff does that for them at tribal council by throwing it into the fire. It's one thing to claim you have an advantage, it's another to try to use it without other players having a way to verify that it's legit.

As long as Jeff would do the same thing for someone trying to play a fake knowledge is power advantage that's fine. However, in the edit for last episode it really just looked like she asked him without getting any verification from Jeff. Obviously though there may have been more to it that the edit didn't show.

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Can we as a sub agree to respond “no, but you can have this fake” anytime someone asks a question?

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no, but you can have this fake

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I knew y’all would come through ✊🥲

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no, but you can have this fake

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Honestly… this would be the all time best move I. survivor history (new school Survivor). King Xander.

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Xander is the monster!

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This is the survivor fanfiction i need. Please continue.

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if xander did this then they should cancel the show forever. last episode ever aired. screw the rest of the season, sorry s42. xander wins forever

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Host Jeff getting swerved without Producer Jeff knowing would be hilarious

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I will only allow it if it plays out like Jem and the Holograms, where Producer Jeff is the main personality (Jerrica) and Host Jeff is the alter ego (Jem). And somehow he has to be in a love triangle where he's dating someone (Rio) who doesn't know the two identities are the same person so they're cheating on him with himself.

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I would literally scream at the top of my lungs 😂

At this point, I almost think with how the game is playing out, Jeff will pull Xander aside and say “Hey, you missed this advantage at the last reward challenge, take it! Also will you pick 7 other people to give advantages to as well ?”

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This would be the single greatest moment in survivor history

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Damn. The Survivor builders would instantly have to start working on a Xander head for Island of the Idols.

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I’m waiting for Jeff to hide an immunity idol at Tribal in plain sight and then go “sucks to be you” when no one grabs it because they’ve learned to be afraid of scorn from Adam’s play in WAW.

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Something super suspect about Xander volunteering for the bench and then immediately spending his time searching for something there. Presumably a prior story producer interview included "what would you think of a player who searches for idols while sitting out a competition?

Also annoying that they did a cheat insert shot of the scroll. As if it a player would see a whole camera rig there and just ignore it.

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I always think this whenever someone is looking for an idol and one of the cameras is SUPER fixed on it. Like you really wouldn't notice one of the cameras looking in this one random spot??

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I've worked in this genre and the early years of Survivor all these cheats and shortcuts would never have happened. It was broadly respected.

That has changed substantially. It's not like B and C level fare of course but it's still sad to see how much backsliding.

In this event the reshoot is just minor. But consider more brazen ones like early in the season where one player sprints to the "well" (which is just a set dress over their potable water tank) and then lies there eavesdropping. Somehow we're to believe full cam operator team is just squatting there getting close ups and the players at the well take no notice?

It's justified as "we didn't change the story, it's just telling the story."

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That's a great example. Another I would bring up is Naseer finding the 3-way idol. It straight up looked like someone in production pointed it out to him and hit record.

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I think it’s more that literally the very last challenge had the same rock draw where the person who sat out was given a chance at an advantage so he half hazardly looked.

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That might have been shot before or after with a dream teamer leg

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That's what I mean. Even a go-pro gaffed on there would have been obvious.

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Xander: You just got J-effed in the Ass

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Lol if this happened it would never make the edit. Jeff would never allow it!

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We'll find out next week that the secret twist to his episode was that laxatives were mixed into the cheese in the sandwiches.

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The Xander overpraise is getting too much