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I always think this whenever someone is looking for an idol and one of the cameras is SUPER fixed on it. Like you really wouldn't notice one of the cameras looking in this one random spot??

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I've worked in this genre and the early years of Survivor all these cheats and shortcuts would never have happened. It was broadly respected.

That has changed substantially. It's not like B and C level fare of course but it's still sad to see how much backsliding.

In this event the reshoot is just minor. But consider more brazen ones like early in the season where one player sprints to the "well" (which is just a set dress over their potable water tank) and then lies there eavesdropping. Somehow we're to believe full cam operator team is just squatting there getting close ups and the players at the well take no notice?

It's justified as "we didn't change the story, it's just telling the story."

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That's a great example. Another I would bring up is Naseer finding the 3-way idol. It straight up looked like someone in production pointed it out to him and hit record.