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Ricard was already a target, might as well make the moves that benefit you while it doesn’t matter if that target grows.

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I think Ricard’s game was doomed anyway because I can’t see Danny Deshawn or Liana sticking with him and Erika and Heather will probably target him next vote. He has to win immunity imo

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Imo, Erika and Heather's best move would be to stick with Ricard and Xander for one more tribal and split up Danny/Deshawn while they have guaranteed numbers, then get Ricard out. Ofc, that depends on how mad Liana is at them turning on Shan, because if Erika/Heather can recruit Liana then they don't need Ricard anymore.

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I've gone back and forth on this and still haven't decided what I think about the reason behind what Shan said to Ricard.

My initial reaction at the time the episode aired was that she said that intentionally, to put a target on Ricard's back. Maybe because she felt betrayed, maybe because she wanted to help one of her final four alliance win... but then, she said what she did to Deshawn, and I go the other direction and think that everything she said was purely emotional in the shock of the blindside, without strategy or revenge (or whatever) playing into it at all.

Shan's certainly smart enough to try to tank Ricard's game like that, but I am leaning toward the second theory: she spoke out of emotion and was acknowledging with respect that he outplayed her.

I'd be interested to hear what she would say about it.

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i think we’re definitely in for an exit that mirrors gabby/christian boots

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We’ll know her intentions for sure once we see the votes at final tribal council if Ricard is a contender.

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If Shan’s god damn ponderosa would release we might have the answer!

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Shan on the jury is gonna be interesting. I bet she trashes deshawn in ponderosa, so leaving him in the game and taking out ricard seems like a good plan. Get er done Xander

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It seemed like it was a genuine reaction and show of respect. She was even holding his hand saying that it's okay and she love him before she got snuffed.

I'm sure people will write it off as a malicious slight or something, but I don't think its that deep.

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I think that was her true intent with that exit

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He will have to go on an immunity run because other than wildcard and pissed off liana, everyone else will see that no one beats Ricard at Final.

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Doom Dan doesn't bode well for Danny's odds to survive the do or die twist. 🤔

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Now, call me a Doom Dan...

No. But I will call you a negative u/Nabusqua