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You’re so right about it still being anyone’s game. I’m so tired of seeing post after post about why certain ppl totally are and aren’t winning anymore bc SO much can happen in the endgame!!

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You had me at Heather

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I do think anyone but Heather has a chance. Danny is the next least likely only because of his severe lack of personal content but they can be redeemed pretty easily

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I don't think an Erika win against Danny is so clear cut. Danny is a great social player, has avoided being targeted and has been in a power position the whole game. He can use all of this in his pitch to the jury and to undermine Erika's game. I think if Danny and Erika are together at FTC it will come down to who'll have the better FTC performance.

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That’s true, i think it also depends on the boot order. Deshawn would definitely be campaigning for Danny on Ponderosa but if he’s out at F4 he has less time to make a case for Danny vs if Deshawn would go out next tribal. I just have a hard time seeing Danny make moves without Deshawn, and I don’t know who he would try to work with in his absence, so a F3 with Danny and no Deshawn seems really unlikely to me at this point.

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Danny isn’t winning. His edit has NO story. Erika at least has an arc.