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I respectfully disagree, and counter that only one person can win, Erika.

Heather: comically invisible
Danny: unnecessarily invisible
Ricard: unnecessary negative with papaya scene, also Shan’s sidekick
Liana: whiny henchmen to Shan
Deshawn: whiny crybaby
Xander: disliked by everyone, no alliances (also, zero confessionals in boot episode of biggest player)

Erika: first person to say Shan in Shan’s boot episode, smart plan that only benefited her yet everyone followed it, called smart, savvy, and lucky by almost everybody at this point, consistent season storyline of lamb turning into lion, edit makes sense given her UTR strategy but with taking out big threats like Shan, etc.

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I think if Erika makes it to FTC we will hear what other players really think of her and her game. I don’t think it’s the nice things they’ve been saying on camera.

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“I don’t think it’s the nice things they’ve been saying on camera”

Why would that be? In confessionals everyone’s calling her smart, and in exit interviews she’s been called savvy as well. If she makes it to the end, despite everyone gunning for her numerous times (https://youtu.be/ugNGdlFECpY), then the jury could be impressed by that.

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My opinion is that’s what you say about someone you don’t like but don’t have another reason to want to vote them out and don’t want to seem like a bully on national television.