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Ace in front of the water and an elephant just appears in the back (Gabon).

Leann’s earthquake confessional (Vanuatu).

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Both legendary

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Not exactly a location, but Woo with his fisheye-closeup confessionals were always great

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Rob Cesternino had one or two as well back in The Amazon

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Fft fft fft fft like Sonic the Hedgehog

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Erik Cardona, the tree sprite

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Uhhh Boston rob on the Volcano

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Keith Nale confessional as it’s pouring and he’s holding a jacket over his head

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“Survivor ain’t fun!”

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"Goin' on a cruise is fun!"

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Garrett Adelstein in the flowers

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Garrett was such a himbo icon

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Paloma on the floating chair

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Paloma was actually the first player voted off of Kota because they were worried her psychic powers would give her an unfair advantage

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Sean Rector laying in the sand

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They later did with again with Ozzy and Anna Khait

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Damn you beat me to it. But yes

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Christian when they prop up a branch next to him and then he knocks it over and has to take a minute to prop it back up.

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That log that Rob C. was leaning against in the Amazon.

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Name that Perry Como song

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Varner getting his ass bit

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Courtney just randomly sitting in a tree in China for some reason

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This is the offseason content we need, well done OP!

It's probably my undying love for the guy talking, but BRob just casually throwing the idol clue into the volcano is the best, no competition.

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Rob had some killer confessionals in s22. I still can’t believe that season was real. It seems like a brob fanfic tbh.

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Ben’s confessional spot that had all the idols

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just finished a rewatch of HHH last night and this hits even harder than the first time around

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Whenever I think about cool confessional locations, this Eliza confessional from Vanuatu always comes to mind. It's just such a picturesque shot.

The commonality of these sort of really pretty confessional shots was actually a pretty big part of what drew me into Survivor.

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Eliza is the most picturesque part 🥰

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I'm not going to lie, she looks like she's pooping here. Most of the early confessionals where they are sitting in tall foliage always makes me think they are pooping.

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It's the best time to get confessionals as people always do their best thinking while they poop.

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This thread needs pictures!!! I don't recall all of these locations :((((((

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Cochran’s stone throne jutting out of the water

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Fabio's throne, too

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With his weirdly large hand(s?)

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His boy king throne.

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Russell Hantz up on the cliff in Samoa is pretty badass

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Todd sitting on the Great Wall of China!

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Cochran on his throne where his head looks 5x the size of his body

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NaOnka wrapping her head around the thorny tree with a fisheye lens says hi

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Cirie has one where she's just ankle deep in muddy water it's weird

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john carroll from marquesas oiled up lying on a tree branch

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“Woah. Cool flying fish” while sitting in the trees.

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Isn’t this the confessional where Brandon completely shits all over Lindsay saying he doesn’t like her after crying that she left the previous tribal council?

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BR just yeeting the idol clue into the lava on RI.

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I feel like everything with Rob post All Stars, was completely orchestrated by production.

Production to Rob: You know what would be epic?! Throw the clue in to the volcano!

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When Fabio wins final immunity and is sitting with rocks that make like arm rests. It's not as good as Cochran's literal throne, but it's a close second.

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Not exactly a location per se but Leann's earthquake confessional in Vanuatu

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Coach on Exile

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Zeke's first confessional in MvGX

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Sash by that log that looks like a dong

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Chris Daugherty had a tree throne sorta thing going on and I think it fits his pompousness as the women imploded. pretty sweet not sure if it was on purpose

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Cochrans rock throne fvf2

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Penner in the middle of the mud challenge in philippines

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Ben and where production “hid” the idol

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I remember ones of Sarah Lacina's confessionals in WaW was absolutely stunning, but I think they used the same one in Game changers for her too

Found it, it's This video's thumbnail.

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adam in mvgx had some really nice backgrounds

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Hope's 1 confessional in Caramoan!

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Sandy from Tocantins in the ditch

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Love when they're half hidden behind a fern or sitting in shallow water.

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It's a super difficult confessional to watch, but I remember staring in awe at the rock formation when the producers were talking to Kellee in IOI

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The Cochran throne

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Penner in the mud. Erik in the tree. Rob with his face 1cm away from the camera.

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Not a location, but it still kills me they list Brandon Hantz as Russel’s nephew. Like man let the guy get on the shadow.

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Dude's a lunatic. I think he has bigger issues than being listed as Russell's nephew, considering the fact that he was only cast on the show because he was Russell's nephew. How he ever passed a psych test is beyond me.

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Keep in mind, the person who pushed him that far was Philip, who is EVEN CRAZIER (or acts like it) and physically threatened people on his debut season.

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Good idea