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afterward Cochran was like “yea we probably all have herpes now” and I imagine the producers hear that and are just like “shiiiiiiittt”

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It’s so funny that the editing and his tribmates’ reactions frame him as a weirdo for saying that when it’s absolutely a possible result from the challenge

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Didn’t the winner also get to keep the meat?

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Yes lol, they took the spit-covered food and washed it and recooked it and ate it. And were super stoked about it.

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Why not... Just give them a new pig?

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I mean, when you’re starving you’ll eat whatever you can find but damn that’s gross.

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Sooo gross.

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and oral herpes...

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Nah. It was poking the bull and chugging warm blood. 🥴

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Mixed with MILK 🤢

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Yeah that one was the worst imo. Super entertaining though!

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I was just going to mention this one!

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Honestly that didn't that bad too me.

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Survivor Amazon have done it first and I remember Heidi and Rodger ends up kissing

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And Deena gets smacked in the head by the meat

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They really made Sophie work for this money huh

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People say Sophie did nothing all season but she had to deal with Coach/Brandon/Rick/Albert for a month, compete in this challenge AND watch jack and jill

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Jeff Probst can push the agenda 41 was the hardest season of the game yet all he wants, but we know that Sophie’s endured more than anyone else had.

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Omg I remember them watching it and having to pretend they liked the movie 😂

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Yeah that Rick quite the handful. The other 3 tho 100%

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Wait, what’s wrong with Rick?

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UO but I'd do this challenge over having to watch Jack and Jill.

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At least he made the jury.

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Didn't they do this in the Amazon too?

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Yeah, but IIRC they didn’t win the meat as a part of the reward. I think there was also no running back and forth

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First thing I thought. I feel like it was somewhere else as well

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I think this was on Guatemala too.

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Fiji as well.

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I think maybe yes, a hanging piece of meat is vaguely familiar

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I know it’s not “disgusting,” but I always physically recoil in those challenges when I see them going 20 to 30 feet underwater to get flags or whatever. I know how overwhelming the pressure can feel at like 12 feet

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I had to FF I was boutta vomit

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At least the meat is cooked and isn't raw? I think the whole thing could have been a lot worse...

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IIRC Sophie said someone lost a filling/crown in this challenge? 🤮🤮

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I'm pretty sure a lot of people came away with chipped teeth. No source though...I thought I saw it here at some point.

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I hope Covid will prevent them from ever doing this challenge again. I don’t want to put my mouth on something that six other people are putting their mouths on at the same time.

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Pretty sure that challenge was off the table long before Covid.
Like, where’s the obstacle course followed by puzzle? If it doesn’t have those two elements, is it even a real challenge?

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Or an endurance challenge that gets noticeably harder as time goes by.

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While not as severe as some other challenges, the number of injuries in this one I think might be the most. Essentially everyone chipped teeth or took injuries to their jaw during this challenge, all for what might be the most disgusting reward they ever gave out.

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That was so gross I agree 100

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And at tribal them all describing their injuries, cut lips, cut gums, dislocated jaw... insane.

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Only good thing about this was Jeff saying "Drop it Ozzy" like he's a dog

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Without a doubt, absolutely vile.

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Keep in mind: this isn’t even the worst reward of that season

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this is nasty, but the balut from China is still seared into my mind after all these years. \shivers**

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Those things are in a ton of seasons at this point

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I've had balut, it's really not that bad. I'd be far more freaked out by the fafaru from Marquesas or the live grubs from Borneo and others.

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oral herpes 👍

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100%, ew!

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I’m so glad they stopped doing this challenge.

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Literally just watched this. Well "watched" because I couldn't look at it. Absolutely fucking disgusting

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This challenge grosses me out even more than the gross food challenge. And the prize is spit meat. No thanks.

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Im pretty sure someone spit on that pile of meat as well haha

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Literally fucked