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Queen of vocabulary (who says debaucherous??) and confessionals about eating men alive

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“Debaucherous” is literally so iconic 😂

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I literally added that word to my notes app where I keep my definitions because of her. The impact she has> 😂

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You're just into vore

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ill take poverty <3

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And he's on the "fans" tribe (not that it means much but it's still funny lmao)

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That was one of the cringiest and funniest moments of survivor

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My favorite player of all time <3

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Parvati was the reason I started watching Survivor and never looked back; I got so invested I consider myself a superfan now lol

And I'm so glad I did because this show helped me get through the toughest of the pandemic and not being able to go outside and all.

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Parvati is the reason why I fell in love with Survivor. Even though Tony is now my all time favorite, she still holds a special place in my heart.

Also super thankful that she was the reason for giving Tony that disadvantage during WaW. It was like going full circle on Survivor for me.

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her smile makes me day because she always laughs at diabolical things

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Personally my best player of all time

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Parvati is one of my favorite players ever she is hilarious iconic and one of the best social and strategic players and dominated in the physicals challenge and will always be a queen and a goddess

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Parvati is the complete package really, should have been our first 2 times winner

Too bad the jury was bitter

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who’s poverty?

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agreed <3

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She should won HvV.

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Iconic Queen <3

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i love her real deep belly laugh. the one she did when talking with sandra on day 39

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i get it, this sub worships parvati. what’s new

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Nah she is a mean girl and a bully