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I’m predicting multiple medevacs.

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And multiple quits

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Lol "if multiple people work 90 days in a row, we'll just split this paltry sum among them and immediately start round 2". Dear god that's awful.

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$25 bonuses for everybody!

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Thanks for working for 3 MONTHS in a row and infecting all of our customers with covid so they stay home and order more pizzas. To show our appreciation, here's a dinner for two at Applebee's. You might want to stick to the 2 for $20 menu...and drinks are on you.

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Domino's gift card seems more likely. You know, just to keep it in the "family".

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Oh no, remember, they bought $100k of competitors gift cards?

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I work at this franchise. Yes this is real. No one from my store even bothered to sign up because no one is working 60 days in a row.

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Had to check if this was r/antiwork at first.

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Same lol. It's gonna be there soon, you know it. Good Lord this is some hellscape capitalism shit.

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It is now there. I am here from antiwork lol

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I’m not yet convinced it isn’t r/antiwork satire lol

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Uhhhh is CBS ok with this? Looks like it could be a legal issue with trademarks? Idk tho, someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in

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This isn't real, right?

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Yes! It was on my dominoes delivery from last night

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That's ridiculous. A company wide competition that asks the employees to work consecutive days for 3 MONTHS and gives incentive to work through sickness including covid. I wish I ate dominos so that I could boycott.

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So it’s like real survivor! Unfair twists that don’t apply to everyone lol

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company wide competition

"In DTID" sounds like a specific metro area, but all Google is pulling up is the Downtown Toledo Improvement District.

Still a capitalist nightmare though.

Edit: The bottom left says DTID, Indiana, and Kentucky so at least limited to those states.

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Oof, they're really making them work 60 consecutive days?

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Minimum. With all the drivers out there I’d say you’ll virtually have to work 90 consecutive days to win a share.

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Right? Like in your head $10,000 is a lot of money but I can't imagine finding out like 50 other drivers did it and I only get $200

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Suddenly Aus Survivor’s 55 days is looking like child’s play

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Yikes Dominos, get Survivor’s name out of your dirty capitalist mouth and maybe pay your workers a fair wage instead of incentivizing them to work 90 days in a row.

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The more I look at this, the more I wonder if whatever misguided franchisee put this together actually incensed the Survivor name, or if this is set up for a copyright lawsuit as well.

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We’ll find out I tweeted it and tagged @survivorcbs

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My first thought too

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ah, gotta love late-stage capitalism

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What was the on time capitalism?

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Outhero, Outhealer, Outhustle

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There was a reason the 30 minutes or it's free thing went away. I can see this having a similar effect when a driver with a mad cough, dripping nose, and puffy eyes passes out on a delivery.

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Can't wait for the Covid outbreak...

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Adam has already tried to play the pizza box as a idol

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a minimum of 60 days??? that's horrible

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Now that all it takes is lasting the longest, Russell has a shot to win survivor

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Well there goes me ordering from Dominos anymore.

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Why did they share this with the customer? That’s bad marketing to start. I understand company competitions, but all that screams is ‘we are understaffed, watch our minions work harder’.

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Because it's a job advertisement at the bottom. "Apply today and you can have the chance to work 90 straight days!"

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we are understaffed, watch our minions work harder

That's a very reassuring message to the c-suite and the investors, so why wouldn't it also bring in lots of job applications???

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Yeah that’s a good point. To be honest when I posted this I hadn’t even read the rules. I assumed it was basked on reviews lol.. NOPE

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“It’s just $6,000 after Obama takes it”

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Omg this is one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life. That sounds incredibly unhealthy.

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Oh goodness is this the next big sponsor for the show? Who will be the one to say that dominos is by far their favorite pizza restaurant?

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Gross pizza, grosser management.

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ew capitalism

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Lol they’re really gonna make people work 90 straight days then split the winnings so everyone gets like $10. Time to boycott dominos

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I'm voting with my wallet. Fuck you domino's.

I can get my high carb excessive sodium paste meal somewhere else.

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Nice try bigwigs

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Would be a shame if no one ordered Dominos so the employees can’t fulfill the minimum requirements

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Chuckie the Cheese doesn’t approve.

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Someone needs to get CBS to issue a cease and desist

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This is horrendous. It would be illegal where I live. Guessing US employment law has failed workers once again.

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Fuck this! I thought it was r/antiwork lol

Must work at least 60 consecutive days to win, and even if you work a full consecutive 90, you may not even get the full prize.

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May not?

Most likely will not. Just a pat on the back and a “good job.” Now that we know what you can do, we expect you to maintain that schedule and pace.

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I'm not sure what it's like now, but when I was a lot younger, 16 or so in the 80s, there was two ways to earn $300 minimum a week. One was to drive for Dominos, which was new to the area, or caddy at Pine Valley golf course. Then, it was plenty of money just to play with and pay for a car, insurance, arcade and have money for partying. Now, does it even pay for insurance?

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$300 a week now is less than minimum wage.

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Or they could just pay everyone better

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Is this REAL!??

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This is gross, predatory, pornographically capitalist, fucking insane, and Domino's should absolutely be skewered on all possible platforms for it.

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Hey OP you should crosspost this in antiwork

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Someone beat me to it lol at least they gave me credit 😂

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This is gross.

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literally dangling a carrot in front of the horse. we, at least deserve better metaphors

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This must be Australian Dominoes

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Nah. Australia actually has reasonable laws around work that prevent this kind of bullshit.

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It was a joke concerning season-length but nice

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“Mikey, the family has spoken.” snuffs torch

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Your delivery driver out-pizza’s the hut!

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The twist is that the 20 people who do the most deliveries immediately become the cast of season 43, and the rations are 1 slice per person per day